'Recall Newsom' Movement Begins in California and At Least One Hollywood Actor Is On Board

Gavin Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom discusses a report detailing the efforts by the DMV to improve customer services during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Some of the suggestions are to accept credit cards, upgrade the DMV’s website and offer clearer instructions on how to obtain a new federally mandated ID. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)


California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has been all over the news lately, setting himself up as the progressive answer to Donald Trump and coming out swinging over policies such as single-payer health care in the state, rights for illegal immigrants, challenging the NCAA on student athlete salaries, and his attempts to rein in California’s oil production.

Now two separate recall efforts have begun in the state, with at least one popular Hollywood comedian publicly supporting one of the movements.

Current congressional candidate Erin Cruz, from the Palm Springs area, launched her petition first in early August, accusing the governor of mismanaging the state and criticizing his support of certain policies. She specifically cited his Medicare for All proposal and laws helping immigrants living in the country illegally.

The secretary of state approved a second petition later in August from former congressional candidate Dr. James Veltmeyer, from the San Diego area. It says Gov. Newsom has violated the public trust in four areas: Health care for undocumented immigrants, tax increases, homelessness, and sanctuary state and cities policies.


The latter effort comes complete with a slick website and support from at least one Hollywood actor who has been fairly vocal on twitter about his dislike of some ultra progressive policies.


Veltmeyer’s effort gives four specific areas in which they feel Newsom has violated the public’s trust: health care for illegal aliens, tax increases, homelessness, and sanctuary state and city status.

Under California law, the voters have the right to hold a recall election to attempt to end the term of a state or local official. In 2003, the state’s voters successfully replaced incumbent Democratic Governor Gray Davis with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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