Ana Navarro Shrilly Snaps In Rand Paul's Face, Says Maduro Is 'Not A Socialist'

It can’t be easy for Ana Navarro. She has to pretend she’s a Republican and that she relates in any way whatsoever to conservatives that vote Republican. But that’s her schtick, her niche, how she gets paid, so pretend she does. Not that anyone really buys it. And on Friday it became clear she doesn’t really buy it herself.


That’s when she not only behaved atrociously by any polite standard of decorum by screaming in a sitting Senator’s face, but she also dropped any pretense that she’s not wholly in the tank for trying to sanitize socialism as something other than an economic and political philosophy that demands fealty to central planning or work camps and firing lines await.

She accomplished this by demanding that Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul agree with her that Venezuela’s embattled, corrupt, and disputed President Nicolas Maduro was not a socialist but was instead a “murderous thug” (as if they are mutually exclusive things).

And when Paul disagreed, the cat like logic reflexes of the socialism apologist kicked in and Navarro crossed her arms in triumph and declared Paul was in fact saying Maduro was not a murderous thug and would not allow the Senator to say anything else by shrieking over him like some kind of uncaged harpy.

It was, in a word, embarrassing.


The worst part about this little display is that Navarro probably knows that Maduro was an inner-circle loyalist to Hugo Chavez, who led the socialist Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, and that he helped build the Fifth Republic Movement, a democratic socialist political party, to help Chavez win the presidency.

Oh, and there’s the little problem of the fact that Maduro’s current political party is the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. And that’s not even getting into his leadership style and execution that is most definitely the poster child of the command and control economy and centralized planning.

Navarro is not only rude, she’s apparently willfully ignorant. The View should be ashamed to provide a platform from which she can scream her blatant falsehoods and display her incorrigible disrespect.



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