It's A Miracle: Ilhan Omar Has A New Jobs Plan That Will Pay For Itself!


Rep. Ilhan Omar has co-sponsored a bill called the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act with Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) which, according to the ladies, will provide a job with a living wage and benefits to “anyone who wants one.” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is the Senate champion of the bill.

The Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act  would guarantee that adults in participating communities who want to work can do so, in a job that pays a living wage and provides benefits like health insurance, paid sick leave, and paid family leave. When it was originally introduced in 2018, this was the first federal jobs guarantee legislation ever to be introduced in Congress.

That’s ambitious,” CNN host Erin Burnett told Omar when asking her about the legislation. “It would cost a lot of money.” (It’s estimated, according to Grabien founder Tom Elliot, to eventually cost $543 billion per year.)

How, Burnett wonders, does she plan on paying for it?

“Ultimately when these jobs are created and people are placed in these jobs, it will pay for itself,” the totally serious member of Congress responded. Watch the full exchange at the twitter link above.


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