For An Ally, The London Mayor Sure Sounds Like An Enemy

Sadiq Khan, Labour Party candidate, (now Mayor of London) speaks on the podium after hearing the results of the London mayoral elections, at City Hall in London, Saturday, May 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

We may have become so accustomed to the outright disdain for President Donald Trump in this country — helped in no small part by Hollywood leftist activists — that the vitriol sounds commonplace even when it should stun us to our collective core.

Case in point, the recent comments by Sadiq Khan, London’s current Mayor and — apparently — one of Donald Trump’s biggest enemies.

[Sadiq] Khan attended a ceremony in Poland this weekend to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion which began the second world war.

Trump skipped the ceremonies, ostensibly to focus on managing storm preparations. The president received briefings from federal agencies through the Labor Day weekend but he also spent time at one of his golf courses in Virginia.

“He’s clearly busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course,” Khan told Politico.

Khan also criticized Trump in a column for the Observer this weekend, calling him “the global poster-boy for white nationalism”.


While media outlets are predictably headlining with “Donald Trump has once again attacked Sadiq Khan” — and the president has trashed Khan in the past — the fact that the Mayor of the capital city of a country the U.S. has long considered one of her closest allies is referring to the president as a racist is nothing short of remarkable. And troubling.

For what it’s worth, Vice President Mike Pence was at the ceremony in Poland in Trump’s stead and it must have never occurred to Khan that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor in circumstances where even allies might use your presence to undermine public opinion about you.

Which actually sounds more like something an enemy might do.


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