Time to Mobilize and Storm SCOTUS, Progressives, Because Justice Gorsuch Just...Sided With Native Tribes on Hunting Rights

One of the many, many reasons Democrat candidates are facing an uphill climb in the 2020 election — which includes a lean toward socialism, out-of-touch candidates, and that ever-pervasive elitist attitude — is a tendency to simply be wrong about things. A lot. Compounded by an unwillingness to acknowledge their mistakes honestly and directly.


Take for example the absolute meltdown over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch back in 2017. He was the first new Justice confirmed by under the Trump administration, and while the freak-out was relatively tame in hindsight given what we saw during the later Kavanaugh confirmation, progressive liberals were certain Gorsuch was basically the devil.

Here’s one of many takes on Gorsuch from Ian Millhiser writing at ThinkProgress:

“And, if Gorsuch gets his way, some very basic civil rights will bow to the Christian right.”

While Millhiser concerns himself mostly with abortion and gay rights in his piece, it’s reasonable to think — based on Ian Millhiser himself — that he believed at the time that the basic civil rights of all oppressed people were being threatened by Gorsuch. Presumably that would include one of the smallest minorities, the Native American tribe members.

Today’s news that Gorsuch sided with the court’s liberal justices and allowed Native Americans to retain hunting rights afforded them via treaty before Wyoming was ratified a state.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Native American rights in a 5-4 decision in a case out of Wyoming. Justice Neil Gorsuch provided the decisive vote in this case, showing himself again, as a Coloradan, to be sensitive to Native American rights.

The court held that hunting rights for the Crow tribe under a 19th-century treaty did not expire when Wyoming became a state. This case centered on a member of the tribe, Clayvin Herrera, who faced charges for off-season hunting in Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming.


The horror.

Now, of course, Gorsuch’s rational humanity is “not surprising” because he’s a Westerner. That’s a bit of a reasonable acknowledgement. However, although it’s not surprising Gorsuch would side with Native Americans in this and other cases, it’s not a little inconvenient when you’ve been selling the man as a white devil intent on keeping minorities down, eh progressives?


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