BREAKING: 40 Arrested As Sunrise Movement Activists Storm Senate Office Building



The Sunrise Movement, fresh off using misinformed kids as political pawns to berate and publicly shame a sitting senator, were up to more environmentally friendly, zany misadventures Monday as they reportedly stormed the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC and were promptly led away in handcuffs.


The Daily Caller reports:

A group of protesters from the far-left Sunrise Movement stormed the Russell Senate Office Building Monday, resulting in at least 40 arrests as they attempted to demand action from lawmakers on the Green New Deal.

These protests come on the heels of another video that went viral this past weekend of California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein being confronted by members of the group, who controversially utilized young schoolchildren as pawns to demand action on climate change.

The group, known colloquially as the “Climate Kids”, have been linked with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, a progressive push on climate change that puts the New York representative at odds with more mainstream members of of her caucus. Oddly, while AOC claims she is among the first to push hard for climate change legislation, the Sunrise Movement is overtly claiming they’ve been pushing for climate change action for “decades.”

Watch the arrests unfold here.


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