Want To Normalize Abortion? Call It Funny!

I suppose there is something funny about a group who’s tour is called “The Vagical Mystery Tour,” but only unintentionally. And maybe the play on words and crassness of it would be slightly funnier if it wasn’t the tour of a comedy troupe that’s main joke fodder is the hilarity of sucking viable babies out of their mother’s wombs.


That’s right, meet the Lady Parts Justice League (LPJL), super-hilarious ladies who travel the country selling abortion as a belly laugh.

And give it up to Teen Vogue for running a piece that starts with this haunting word salad:

Our minivan was heard before it was seen. At 7:30 a.m. a group of brightly dressed feminists rolled up to the Sterling Heights location of Northland Family Planning Clinic, an independent abortionclinic in Michigan. Our packed minivan blared Beyoncé to overpower the chants from the stunned anti-abortion protestors and energize the enthusiastic clinic staff. The next eight hours were spent painting fences, counter-protesting the antis, and getting to know the team of abortion providers and escorts. The sun was unforgiving and the protestors unrelentingly dogmatic, but we performed at max energy and passion. We are Lady Parts Justice League.

For the uninitiated, Lady Parts Justice League is a grassroots, comedy driven, pro-abortion organization founded by comedian and activist Lizz Winstead in 2015. They are a group of comedians and performers who use their art to raise awareness about the erosion of reproductive rights. Consequently, their style of comedy varies from staging counter protests at fake abortion clinics to posting online memes about harmful legislation in the United States.


As their name implies, they are here to save us from harmful legislation (your guess is as good as mine) by using the awesome power of meme-making, but apparently not here to save defenseless babies from being quite literally destroyed, body and soul. Go ahead, laugh till it hurts, LPJL giggles. It won’t kill you. (But it might kill that unwanted baby bump you got going on. Haha.)

No matter, because LPJL does joyful, life-affirming things to make up for all the dead babies. For example, they “directly engage with the protesters [“antis”]: asking them questions to expose logical fallacies, gleefully shouting back at their violent language, invoking their improvisation skills and natural wit to make jokes out of the situation.”

Really, so very funny.

There’s also a video if you can stomach it. I really couldn’t. But I’ll live.


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