WATCH: Judicial Watch Holds 'Deep State' Panel, Live At Noon

Judicial Watch has dedicated itself to uncovering the backroom scandals and potentially illegal goings-on — or (using the term to describe these collective activities) examining and uncovering the business of “The Deep State” — that took place while progressives were in charge during the Obama years.


Tuesday at noon, they’ll hold a panel discussion live and online that they say will attempt to get at the heart of some of the illicit activities carried out during the Obama years. For anyone unfamiliar, the group — whose motto is “because no one is above the law!” — has focused their attentions on Comey, Mueller, Strzok, McCabe etc.

And if one is tempted to think the group is all talk, no action, here’s a smattering of their latest tweets:


Panelists for ther event Tuesday include:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Committee on the Judiciary

Committee on Oversight and Government ReformVince Coglianese


Host “Mornings on the Mall” WMAL Radio

Editorial Director, Daily Caller


Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer

Vice President for Strategic Coordination and Operations

London Center for Policy Research


Michael Bekesha


Judicial Watch



Tom Fitton


Judicial Watch

With that lineup, it’s safe to say, Judicial Watch is not playing around.

The event will be streamed  live at their website, and at their Facebook page.

You can also check out the proceedings in the video embedded below.


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