SHOCKER: Media Matters Is Helping David Hogg

According to a new report from The Daily Caller, there may be a reason why Parkland student David Hogg, for such a young, inexperienced fellow, seems to understand and utilize public relations and messaging strategies that it takes political operatives and communications specialists whole careers to master: he’s got some high dollar help.


And not just any old boutique crisis communications firm help. No, Hogg it seems is — at the absolute minimum — being given a bit of a platform boost by none other than one of the best in the game, at least on the progressive side: Media Matters for America.

It was revealed during the back and forth between Hogg and conservative commentator Laura Ingraham, who rattled the young man’s cage by jabbing at him over his inability to gain acceptance to several colleges to which he had applied. Hogg went on the defensive after the poke from the conservative provocateur, demanding she apologize, which she ultimately did.

But Hogg, tearing a sheet from the script of Media Matters, decided not to accept that apology and instead waged a campaign on Twitter to bully Ingraham’s advertisers into dropping her show.

And they did. As many as 9 at one point.


And while liberal activists were waving the flag of revolution, praising the young man for his courage, and generally hiding the hand they played in encouraging him in his exploits, most reporters failed to notice where Hogg got the list he used. Directly from Media Matters, who published it Thursday.

As the DC’s Peter Hasson notes, calls to boycott those with whom they disagree politically are nothing new for the extremely progressive Media Matters. It’s just another Thursday for them.

Media Matters is backed by major left-wing donors including billionaire George Soros and has been waging open war on Fox News since 2009. The goal, which Carusone openly admits, is to make Fox News’ brand toxic to advertisers.

Media Matters has used similar boycotts to attack current Fox News host Sean Hannity and former Fox News hosts Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. The boycott against Hannity has been ongoing since May 2017.

It’s not, however, just another Thursday for David Hogg, who is only barely capable of hiding his increasing frustration over several college rejections. The progressive adults, ever eager to help their latest pet, would appear to be trying to soothe the pain by offering the boy a job as activist within their ranks, even making sure their Hollywood mouthpieces give the nail a few whacks with the hammer:


I suppose it’s not a bad gig for a young man who has already acknowledged that among his many — many and apparently growing — list of things he’s angry about, the cost of college and the associated debt of attending is one.

But take care, Mr. Hogg: the left has been known to leave their activists in the dust once they’re no longer useful. You should look up the sad story of Cindy Sheehan before you sign on the Soros dotted line.

Good luck to you.


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