BREAKING: FBI Releases First Public Statement About the Memo

The FBI has reportedly issued its first pubic statement regarding the infamous Devin Nunes memo after being denied access to it initially and subsequently viewing it a day before Deputy Director Andrew McCabe quit/was asked to leave.


The full text is below:

It’s not surprising they would release a public statement with word that President Donald Trump has a team of national security and legal experts reading the memo before making a decision to release it to the public. He has only a few days left to make that decision, and indications are he intends to give his blessing to make it public.

It’s also not surprising they would qualify their statement saying they were not given ample time to review the memo, and that the memo might be “lying by omission” because the memo is purportedly about corruption and abuses within the FBI and the larger DOJ.

Get the popcorn ready.


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