Iran Declares Jerusalem 'Everlasting' Capital of Palestine

On Wednesday, in a delayed fit of pique, Iran’s parliament voted to recognize Jerusalem as “the everlasting capital of Palestine” shortly after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. had formerly recognized the city as the capital of Israel.


The vote, which passed 207-0 in the 290-member Majlis, requires Tehran to recognize Jerusalem as “the everlasting capital of Palestine.”

The vote “comes in response to the recent US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in hopes of dealing a blow to Muslims,” the Turkish Anadolu news agency quoted speaker Ali Larijani as saying.

It’s a hallmark of the perpetually aggrieved — the everlasting victim, if you will — to make everything about them; and specifically to make everything a slight against them.

Note to Iran’s Majilis: there’s a chance that Trump’s decision had more to do with acknowledging and preserving a longtime ally — and one that had been shown some disrespect by the previous administration — in an effort to repair that relationship. Which means, of course, that he may not have been thinking of the Muslim world at all, except inasmuch as he likely knew you’d complain. Because you seem to do that whenever Israel is shown even a modicum of deference.


The truth is, whenever we work with some of the players in the region that dislike Israel — in your case, take former President Obama’s Iran deal — we end up with egg on our faces.

Israel, on the other hand, plans to name a train station to be built by the Western Wall after our president.

Of course those kinds of gestures aren’t why we make the decisions we make regarding our alliance with Israel. That has more to do with shared beliefs about freedom and war, shared values concerning right and wrong, and shared outlooks regarding things like economic prosperity and a world safe from despotic terrorists.

But the niceties help. Anyway, moving our embassy to Jerusalem wasn’t about you. Get over yourself.


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