It Took Less Than a Minute for Media to Lie About Tax Reform

The House of Representatives passed tax reform at approximately 2:29 pm ET Tuesday. The House GOP Twitter account sent a tweet as soon as it cleared the vote, sending the bill back to the Senate side for a final vote.


Less than a minute later — you can tell by the time stamps — the Associated Press sent this tweet:

There is, of course, a ton of debate over whether or not that, in fact, is what this reform bill does. While Democrats, and almost every major media outlet, insist that the GOP tax reform bill is nothing more than a tax cut for the wealthy, Republicans, like Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, counter that assertion and say the legislation provides tax relief to a desperate middle class:

“This plan will bring much-needed tax relief for hardworking, middle-class families in Oregon and allow them to keep more of what they have earned. That has been my goal and focus from the beginning,” said Walden. “I have been working closely with my colleagues to improve the bill based on feedback I have heard from Oregonians, and I am encouraged to see the changes incorporated into this final plan.

“By expanding the ability for Oregon taxpayers to deduct up to $10,000 in combined state income and property taxes, the final plan helps bring further relief to people who currently itemize their taxes. I also worked hard with my colleagues to preserve tax-exempt private activity bonds, which are incredibly important for economic development, affordable housing, and veterans housing projects across Oregon. We have made progress for our students, Oregonians with high medical expenses, Oregon craft brewers and winemakers, and large employers in our state as well.

“These improvements build on the strong foundation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in the House. By nearly doubling the standard deduction, expanding the child tax credit, lowering tax rates across the board, and finally giving American companies a competitive corporate rate, this pro-growth plan makes our tax code work better for middle-class Oregonians and people across the country. I look forward to working alongside my colleagues to get our plan across the finish line and to the President’s desk.”


But that debate means nothing to the AP apparently. They’ve decided what they — as the unbiased media, just reporting the facts — think of the bill. And Democrats and news outlets wonder why Trump was elected and why no one trusts the press.

Good question. But we already know the answer.


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