Fans Turned Off by NFL Also Ready to Boycott Amazon for Streaming Games

In case anyone was wondering just how much trouble the NFL is in with their loyal fan base, a Yahoo News finance reporter wrote a piece today about Amazon’s decision to stream some NFL games and was promptly bombarded with comments threatening to boycott the tech giant for their association with the football league.


The most astonishing part is that the story about Amazon’s decision to stream a selection of NFL games NEVER EVEN MENTIONS the “take a knee” effort that was the talk of Football Sunday this past week when many players and coaches did just that in a show of solidarity following statements by President Trump they found objectionable.

The Yahoo piece is little more than an exposition on the deal the two business entities struck — which, under normal circumstances, would be met with great joy by most football fans who also happened to be Amazon Prime members:

Amazon paid a reported $50 million for the right to stream 11 NFL games this season, and the fun begins on Sept. 28 with the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

The streams are only accessible to Amazon Prime members, an estimated 80 million people, so many expect the cord-cutting option to help boost Prime memberships.

But the real opportunity for Amazon is to offer advertisers granular data that the company says has never before been available to brands that advertise during NFL games.


There are an estimated 80 million Amazon Prime members in the U.S. On average, they individually spend $1300 a year for the service.

The writer’s story wasn’t the only place people were letting their dissatisfaction be known. His tweet was also met with comments from those less than pleased with the NFL for their general support for a protest that began last year when ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the anthem, ostensibly as a statement against police violence. One response to the tweet was simply:


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