Wasserman Schultz May Be Forced to Explain Herself To Congress

Before launching into the particulars of whether or not former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz will have to face a Congressional investigation to explain just what in the name of George Washington was going on with her IT staff, I’d like to offer this quote from the Washington Free Beacon report on the matter:


“The scandal is said to have rocked the halls of Congress, despite little mainstream media coverage, sources said.”

The scandal, if you’ve managed to dig around and find coverage of the story, involves IT staffers employed by Wasserman Schultz and many Democrat House members who were being investigated for stealing computer equipment and data, accessing House networks improperly and then fleeing (or attempting to flee as is the case with Imran Awan, who was arrested last week on bank fraud charges related to a $300,000 wire transfer) back to their native Pakistan.

Despite an appalling lack of coverage — and some impressive attempts to turn the very-real and very-troublesome scandal into fake news — a watchdog group began demanding that Congress get to the bottom of the issue by putting the screws to Wasserman Schultz (who continued to pay Imran right up until the day of his arrest despite his firing and banishment from House networks).

Sounds like Congress has decided it might be time for them to get involved. From the Washington Free Beacon:

“The extent of the potential breaches has been made more clear” in recent weeks, according to one senior congressional source who would only speak on background when discussing the sensitive matter. “The inexplicable nature of the conduct of Wassermann Schultz and others has broadened” congressional interest.

Lawmakers are confused as to why Wasserman Schultz continued paying Awan and other staffers implicated in the breach for several months after this information came to light.

“At best for her that is gross misapplication of public funds that could merit resignation alone,” the source said. “There’s got to be more to that story.”

The accused staffers are believed to have had access to sensitive intelligence information related to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, as well as lawmaker’s personal information, prompting concerns the breach could be far deeper than initially suspected.


The effort is likely to be led by the House Committee on Administration in tandem with the Speaker’s office, sources told the Free Beacon.

Initial steps will involve a full briefing from Capitol Police, who have been investigating the matter and have taken computer equipment into evidence (something Wasserman Schultz has been vocally displeased with). Police are also in possession of equipment confiscated at the brothers’ former residence, including hard drives that appear to have been vandalized in an effort to destroy them. In a turn of bad luck for Wasserman Schultz, there’s some evidence to suggest the data on those drives is recoverable.

As the scandal unfolds and potentially offers a look inside how the Democrats have been conducting business while they controlled the Hill for the last eight years remember they couldn’t have done it without the help of their friends at the New York Times et al.


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