Milo and Mensch: a Love Story

Now for some inside “political Twitter” baseball.

It’s easy for those of us who inhabit the corridors of the Great Hall of the Chattering Class to forget that we are privy to information that people not glued to the ridiculous machinations of politics and media (read: ordinary people) never get to see (and they are better off for it).


In any event, a love story of sorts broke on social media yesterday that’s hilarious, and relevant to normal people because they may have heard of at least one of the players. And it’s probably useful — since that player still rather remarkably enjoys respectability from some corners — to point out how ridiculous some of these people can be.

You may have heard of the imminently self-promoting Milo Yiannopoulos; the man who single-handedly creeped out everybody by referring to President Donald Trump as “daddy” and stirring up #MAGA discord wherever he treads. In fairness to Milo, the social justice warriors are looking for something to be outraged about at all times. But Milo relishes giving it to them. And, despite his pronouncements that he does it for love of us, it’s just about getting that platinum-blonde pate in front of a camera. Milo loves Milo. Or so we thought.

Because now comes word that he and another Twitter pudding stick have been working together to the surprise of everyone — her name is Louise Mensch. She used to be a respectable journalist until she became the queen of the “Trump’s Russia Conspiracy” narrative (just check her Twitter feed, but don’t get lost in Wonderland) — to make those who do not favor President Trump look crazy. Or something.


Judge for yourself:

Mensch, for her part, has denied the collusion to troll the internet with crazy Russia conspiracy stories to make anti-Trumpers prove their insanity by following her Pied Piper of Nuttiness out of the village.

But it could all be a part of their brilliant psyops. We’ll keep an eye on it so you don’t have to.


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