Chris Pratt Proves There's Hope for Hollywood - And Maybe Us - With His Tweet About Manchester

I hope Chris Pratt (of Guardians of the Galaxy fame if you’ve not been paying attention to awesome things lately) will forgive me for this, but I’m about to gush and shine another light on him in a scary time. I only mention it because that’s apparently what these ingrates who kill children look for – light. They want it out. But, since I’m small potatoes and a non-entity in relation to the spotlight of Hollywood, I figured it’d be okay.


Look at his tweet in the wake of the child murders by ruthless ISIS killers in Manchester:

How marvelously beautiful and simple and gracious. At a time when the self-proclaimed brain trusts are weighing in and piling on concert-giver Ariana Grande (I’ll link to this guy’s tweet, but I won’t post it because he deserves no more attention), Pratt just offers a human response. One full of light and life. It stands out even more because of how callous, shallow and oftentimes idiotic Hollywood has become. They’re so busy defending things and being outraged over really unimportant stuff they forget to condemn evil. Or even pray for the victims of it. That’s a huge cultural problem and it is why we continue to hear about bombs going off and 22 people dying after a pop concert.

But Pratt breaks that mold. And he does it openly without apology. And it gives me, personally, a little hope. As an aside, the work he chooses tends to reflect this quality he has. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a lovely film about a ragtag band of misfits of all different stripes and backgrounds persevering over a single evil that wants to take over, not just the world, but the galaxy. People should go watch it. Especially now. Have a laugh. You’re gonna need it.




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