Trump Scandals Suck (All The Air Out of the Room)

As word breaks that a special counselor will be investigating any real or imagined ties between President Donald Trump’s administration and Russia, it’s worth remembering that there are other things going on in the world of GOP politics that have nothing to do with the Oval Office.


Not that anyone has been hearing much about what those things are because who can get a word in edgewise over the din emanating from the chattering class as they marvel and moan over what Donald Trump said on Twitter or asked the FBI Director to do regarding an investigation or leaked to the Russians or boasted about to the media or kvetched over at a commencement ceremony?

The GOP certainly isn’t talking about what they’re working on. Not to the media at least. They’ve gone a little bit radio silent, save Speaker of the House Paul Ryan expressing continued confidence in Trump on his way to finishing a press conference and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell using Twitter to remind the world that the Senate will soon take up the new Healthcare bill and tax reform is looming.

The president’s many missteps and mistakes, and even his successes, have sucked the air out of the policy debate room to the degree that most people neither know nor care that, for example, there’s a commission beginning work to look at election integrity and vote fraud, something that in years past would have been met with cheers and hallelujah’s from the right.

And most people have already forgotten that Trump signed an Executive Order a few days ago that means to shore up the nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure (needed in the wake of the WannaCry attack).

And then there’s new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who’s freaking out liberals because he’s no fan of net neutrality. And of course another SCOTUS pick is rumored and Trump has a better than decent track record there.


But those stories aren’t the ones trending online, and they’re not the ones being covered on the cable networks.

No, it’s the reality TV show called “Mr. Trump Takes The White House” and it’s in syndication and is played on every station, 24 hours a day.

It would be easy to blame the man himself (and appropriate because he would appear to be nearly impossible to advise on these matters given the frequency of the same mistakes), but the media and their fangs dripping with saliva are just as much to blame. If not more.

So what’s an exhausted conservative to do when we’re really just looking for the good things we were promised when Republicans won back the majority and then by some miracle of justice also won the White House? Tuck your head, keep a safe distance from the scandal, and avoid the mainstream news outlets.

You’re gonna have to work for your good news, conservatives. Because even though we won, nothing’s really changed. Maybe it will. In the meantime, welcome to the bunker.


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