100 Days of Trump from Some of Those Who Had His Ear (including the Tea Party Patriots, the March for Life and the Family Research Council)

His approval rating may be the lowest of any president at this point in their administration according to CNN (which President Trump considers fake news anyway), but some of his transition team advisors think the new President is showing encouraging signs he intends to keep his promises to them.


Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council, Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots and Jeanne Mancini with the March for Life held an informal conference call with reporters yesterday to discuss how Trump’s doing in his first 100 Days.

The consensus? They like what they see.

For his part, Blackwell said his understanding in serving as a transition team advisor to the incoming administration was that the new President had two major objectives entering office:

1. Securing America, which meant ensuring safety at home and abroad as well as tightening up the borders. And,

2. Getting the economy out of the doldrums and growing again, which included not just job creation but a general elevation of income for US workers.

“I think he has made a great start on the execution of his agenda as it relates to those objectives,” Blackwell said, citing, among other things, an encouraging general tendency of the president to speak like an advocate for the American worker. Blackwell did acknowledge that progress on these original objectives has been slowed due to the unforeseen foreign policy emergencies in Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan.

For Martin, whose group is still vocal about their distaste for House GOP leadership, Trump is “working to keep his campaign promises,” and that’s a good start. She says her group is encouraged by the 17-year-low in illegal border crossings, and is particularly pleased with the “brilliant” choice of new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.


“[It’s] more rattling of the Washington status quo,” she said.

Mancini expressed great pleasure that this past March for Life made it into the news cycle in fairly heavy rotation. Past Marches have been almost completely left out of news coverage while less attended progressive marches are covered heavily. She also expressed great pleasure that Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the this year’s event marking the first time the March has received that level of attention from an administration.

In general, Blackwell, Martin and Mancini were complimentary of the work of the administration so far, and are looking ahead to the judicial vacancies yet to be filled and a healthcare bill they believe will be successful (although there is still skepticism about the role of the House GOP leadership in that process).

Their collective confidence might also be due in part to some of the statements emanating from leadership on the left, however. Blackwell pointed out the folly in the new Democratic National Committee Chairman’s recent statements on abortion. 

“If Chairman [Tom] Perez wants to talk his party into permanent minority status, I say let them have it,” he said.


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