Hanging Your Hopes on Abortion: The Democratic Party Apparently Wants to Kill Off its Future Voters

After the fall — or, more precisely, non-election — of their queen, the Democrats (likely out of desperation) have been doing that thing where they openly and brazenly contradict themselves with even more baffling fervor and conviction.


Or perhaps the charade is just more noticeable without all the special interest money keeping the logic-twisting gaffes looking like slick and polished policy ideas. Here lately, the most confusing foot-shooting has taken the form (again) of a favorite pet policy for the left: that old chestnut we conservatives call “baby murder” and progressives call abortion.

There was a tweet floating around that sort of sums up Democrat attitudes about this particular “progressive economic issue” as the New York Times calls it. Framing abortion as an economic issue is presumably an effort to distance it from a purely “scientific” mode of justification for what is, in practice, simply the killing of babies en utero. (Progressives are being forced lately to move away from “science as justification” because their marches in support of “science” are being called out BY THEIR OWN for the shams they are. Also, remarkable things like this are happening.)

In any event, Bill Nye, recently of very bad video fame, is the star of this newest tweet:


His words are simply redolent of Margaret Sanger and eugenics, aren’t they? But here’s the thing: most low-income people in this country vote Democrat, according to Pew data from 2015.  Further, according to the Guttmacher Institute, most abortion patients are disproportionally poor and low income. Which leads one to wonder why Democrats are trying to kill off their future voters since most kids born to poor families stay poor the remainder of their lives. 

Maybe Democrats should begin to embrace the idea that where there’s life, there’s hope. Give the kids they’ve been trying to convince women not to have a chance at life. Who knows, some may embrace progressive ideas and vote the Democrat party line when they get old enough to do that.

One thing’s certain, however, and forgive the harshness of the statement: they won’t vote Democrat, or any other way, if they’re dead. It’s astounding the left hasn’t figured this one out yet.


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