BREAKING: 'Extremely Active’ Shooter Situation in Pittsburgh, Report of ‘Hundreds of Rounds’ Fired

Pittsburgh Public Safety (PPS) is warning residents to "avoid the 4800 block of Broad Street and N. Mathilda Street in the Garfield neighborhood due to an active shooting situation."


According to local reports, an eviction notice was said to have been the catalyst of what PPS has called an "extremely active situation" involving gunfire:

Sources say sheriff's deputies were serving an eviction notice when someone inside the home started shooting. One deputy is injured, but conscious and alert, according to sources. It's unclear how the deputy was injured.

Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PPG), the location of the ongoing situation is near a children's hospital, and witnesses are saying "hundreds" of shots were fired:

The area is near Allegheny Cemetery and around the corner from Children’s Hospital in a busy corridor of Penn Avenue.

A neighbor at the corner of North Mathilda and Kincaid streets said he heard more than a hundred shots during the incident.

In video taken near the scene by a PPG reporter, shots can be heard being fired:


Guza also noted in another update that one "neighbor said he heard hundreds of rounds when the shooting started and there have been hundreds of rounds since." 

She also speculated that there were "easily hundreds of SWAT officers here, like from both Pittsburgh police and Allegheny County. Sheriff’s deputies were the first to encounter the shooter."

The suspect also allegedly "shot down two police drones." 

There are also unconfirmed reports that at least one sheriff's deputy has been injured, though it is not believed that it was from the gunfire.

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