Watch: Josh Hawley Gets Deb Haaland to Admit 'Quiet Part out Loud' During Energy Committee Hearing

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With both Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and John Kennedy (La.) doing their respective parts to expose the rotten nature of the Biden White House and Congressional Democrats on the issue of targeting conservative Supreme Court Justices for blatantly partisan reasons, it only seems fitting that we close out the day with a pretty epic takedown from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.).


In Hawley’s case, the scene was a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing held Tuesday “to examine the President’s budget request for the U.S. Department of the Interior for Fiscal Year 2024.”

Deb Haaland, in her role as Joe Bidens Sec. of the Interior, was there to defend her department’s budget requests, which include billions for addressing an allegedly “profound climate crisis that is rapidly changing how we consider the future, evaluate risk, and protect resources.”

Hawley’s aim, as it turns out, was to question Haaland on these very priorities, considering the fact that the Biden administration’s hyper-focus on a so-called green energy agenda has been devastating job-wise to communities across the country including in Hawley’s home state, all while making the CCP a whole lot richer and the United States more vulnerable from a national security standpoint.

During their exchange, Hawley confronted Haaland on the Biden administration admittedly putting their radical climate change agenda ahead of U.S. energy independence. At one point, Haaland admitted what Hawley characterized as the “quiet part out loud” – that in her view and that of the Biden administration, the U.S. had plenty of jobs so why be so concerned about ones we’ve lost in the energy sector?


As you can imagine, that did not go over well at all with Hawley:

“The jobs for blue-collar workers in this nation are valuable resources. The livelihood and well-being of American families are valuable resources,” the senator continued. “The ability of America to have our own industry and not be dependent on China is a valuable resource. Why should those things for millions of Americans be sacrificed in favor of your agenda for radical climate change?”

Haaland then responded, noting the high number of job openings nationwide.

“Senator, I know that there’s like 1.9 jobs for every American in the country right now. So, I know there’s a lot of jobs,” Haaland told Hawley.

“Wait a minute. … You’re telling me we’ve got too many jobs in the country?” Hawley asked.

“Well, I’m saying that we don’t have enough people,” the interior secretary responded. “That’s why we are having a hard time finding folks to work at our department.”

“They are blue-collar workers,” Hawley went on to note after pointing out the country has lost millions of jobs to China over the last 20 years. “And you’re sitting here and telling me that we have too many jobs in this country. Are you serious?”



Later, he stated that “I want to take the strongest possible exception to that comment and to that entire mentality, which I think [to be] very honest, I think it reflects the mentality of your administration, which is, when it comes to blue-collar workers in this country, ‘You’re on your own. Good luck. Good luck to ya. We got plenty. Just shut up and go get a job at McDonald’s, ya know? Whatever. Quit complaining about the loss of American industry.’ I mean Good Lord, that is extraordinary. What an extraordinary response!”


The full exchange can be viewed below. Note at the end that Hawley says Haaland’s statement was “potentially” the “most unbelievable statement I have heard from a member of this administration, maybe in my time in the Senate.”


This is the one thing I absolutely love about these hearings. While there are always complaints about the “theatrics” of it all, in the end, it usually doesn’t take much for members of Biden’s cabinet to expose themselves and their boss in the process, and that’s exactly what Haaland did Tuesday with a little necessary prodding from Hawley.

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