Ted Cruz Spills the Tea on Backroom Democrat Campaign to Replace Dianne Feinstein

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is dishing about the ongoing backroom drama and infighting among Democrats on the situation regarding Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), and we are here for it.


When last we left you on the subject, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) was explaining as only he can how the claims from Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) about how they allegedly can’t get judicial nominees through the Judiciary Committee due to Feinstein’s prolonged absence while battling the shingles virus just isn’t true.

The “handful” Kennedy says Republicans on the committee won’t let through “are from the loon wing of the Democratic party.” In classic fashion, Kennedy also noted that Biden’s more radical nominees apparently think the U.S. Constitution is a battleship and maybe obtained “their law license from Costco.”

“And Sen. Feinstein’s absence stops Sen. Durbin from ramming those nominees through,” Kennedy went on to say.

But even though the Schumer/Feinstein plan to temporarily replace her on the Judiciary Committee and thus breaking the 10/10 Democrat/Republican tie failed thanks to Senate GOPers like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Cruz is keeping the issue front and center, using it to remind people just how intolerant Democrats are for people who veer even one iota from the woke agenda.

During a discussion this week with his “Verdict” co-host Ben Ferguson, Cruz went back to the fall of 2020 during the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation battle, where Feinstein – then the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee – got in hot water with some of the more far-left members of her party not only over how she handled the process but also when she praised and hugged Graham after the proceedings were over.


Before we get to Cruz’s remarks, let’s set the stage for them.

In the immediate aftermath of the hearings, Schumer – who was then the Minority Leader – told the Washington Post in response to the Democrat outrage that “I’ve had a long and serious talk with Senator Feinstein. That’s all I’m going to say about it right now.” The paper also reported that he wouldn’t address questions about her position on the powerful committee.

A month later and after the media declared Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, Feinstein announced she would not be seeking a leadership position on the Judiciary Committee. Schumer issued a conveniently-timed response a short time later, saying that he was “deeply grateful for Senator Feinstein’s leadership and contributions to our caucus and country as the Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee” and stating that she would “continue her work as one of the nation’s leading advocates for women’s and voting rights” etc.

Two weeks later, Senate Dems picked Durbin to lead the committee, whether it be in a ranking role or chairman (the two Georgia Senate runoffs had not been held yet, so Senate control was still unknown).

Here’s what Cruz claims really happened behind the scenes prior to Feinstein announcing she wouldn’t seek the leadership position:

Cruz had something to point out about that, especially about the noteworthy timing of it all. “Now, Dianne Feinstein was slated to be the next chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats took the majority. Because the radical left wing was so angry, within days, Chuck Schumer announced Feinstein is no longer in line to be chairman of the Judiciary Committee,” Cruz outlined, going on to mention quite the illustration. “Basically, he took Feinstein to a back alley and effectively shot her. And it was giving in to the most extreme left-wing voices the Democrat Party.”

This move, Cruz explained, actually went against Senate rules. Feinstein’s fellow Democrats have that much contempt for her. Durbin is the chair, as the next most senior member. He’s also the majority whip, though. “Under Senate rules typically, the majority leader, the minority leader, the majority whip, the Minority Whip can’t be a committee chairman also. There’s a basic principle that if you have one leadership position, you can’t have another one,” Cruz laid out.


What Cruz says makes sense, especially considering the liberal activist outrage after the Barrett confirmation and Schumer’s comments about having a “serious talk” with Feinstein. It’s almost like Schumer put pressure on her in public and in private basically forced Feinstein’s hand, giving her no choice but to make the eventual announcement.

What’s happening now with some of them calling on her to resign from the Senate before her term is up is undoubtedly an extension of that frustration with her among the woke wing of the party, who like the rest of us have read the reports and heard the rumors of Feinstein’s alleged diminished mental acuity.

As I’ve said before, Dianne Feinstein’s health predicament is no laughing matter, but watching Democrats play cards against each other that they normally do on Republicans, and then seeing them squirm when they can’t do end runs around their backup plan is a welcome sight.

On this issue at least, Republicans are playing hardball for once. In Cruz’s case, he is going the extra mile to keep the story of Democrats trying to force a veteran female Senator out the door before she’s ready in the bright spotlight.

More, please.

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