How It's Done: Ron DeSantis Visits Miami in ‘Law and Order’ Push, Gets ‘Immediate Results'

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As we’ve seen all too often, some so-called Republican “leaders” are anything but when it comes to pushing back against the radical left’s woke agenda, which includes such bright ideas as defunding the police, implementing dangerous policies like bail reform, and teaching black children to view their white classmates as their oppressors.


But in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to be an unapologetic proponent of common-sense solutions that are expressly designed to reject the radical wokeness that has, in some parts of the country, slithered its way into public school systems, collegiate academia, government, the sports world, banking and the workplace, and beyond.

DeSantis’ latest push against Woke Inc. came on Thursday when he visited Miami to tout “law and order” legislation that is aimed at not only keeping his state safe but also at making it safer — not just from criminals, but also from soft-on-crime types in law enforcement and the judicial system.

Here are his administration’s areas of focus:

No city in Florida will become a get-out-of-jail-free zone. We are:
– Limiting who is eligible for release before 1st appearance
– Ensuring a judge is the decision-maker on detention
– Requiring pre-trial detention hearing for dangerous crimes
– Rejecting elimination of cash bail

Here’s a video snippet from the Miami event:


Amazingly, in response to the announcement from DeSantis, the chief judge in Miami-Dade has placed a soon-to-be-implemented bail reform plan on hold pending how the proposal works its way through the state legislature:

The afternoon announcement by the chief judge in Miami-Dade, Nushin Sayfie, said the rollout of the bail-reform plan expected for later this year would be shelved until the criminal-justice legislation DeSantis unveiled in his Miami speech could be considered by the Florida Legislature. DeSantis said his proposed laws would tighten the state rules for when judges could release someone from jail as they await trial. The 60-day legislative session begins March 7.

“Our pretrial justice improvement project focuses on public safety, and a key element of the project is that judges should be the determinants of whether or not an individual remains in jail on serious charges,” Sayfie said in the statement. “Since the proposed legislation also touches on release criteria for serious crimes, as well as monetary bond schedules, it is prudent to hold off on implementation pending further guidance from our state lawmakers.”


Gov. DeSantis’ press secretary Brian Griffin was quick to react to the news, noting the “immediate results” that had come from DeSantis’ visit:

In response, I saw some of DeSantis’ Very Online Haters suggest that the judge caved to a supposed DeSantis “intimidation tactic” but that’s not what happened here at all. What the chief judge did here was to temporarily halt the original plan because putting it in place when it’s likely to be undercut by what the state legislature decides in short order to do regarding the DeSantis proposal would not be a good idea.

Unlike some judges in similar scenarios who would proceed with what they had originally intended to do out of spite – and creating confusion in the process, the judge in this one likely understood DeSantis meant business and had no plans to back down. Accordingly, the judge decided to put Miami-Dade’s project to the side until further notice.

I should note that this is not the first time this month that the DeSantis administration has gotten results in the face of wokeness gone wild. The NHL backed down after they were warned by the administration against hosting a discriminatory job fair in Fort Lauderdale next month that excluded white men.


While the job fair is still on, the LinkedIn listing they posted for it no longer includes any limit on what types of people can participate.

To further clarify it, a spokesperson for the NHL told Fox News that “the event is open to anyone ages 18 and older.”

Guess DeSantis wasn’t kidding when he said Florida was where “woke goes to die,” was he?

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