Report: Another False LGBTQ 'Hate Crimes' Narrative Gets Flushed Down the Toilet

(Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune via AP File)

As per the norm, in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting or other national tragedy, the mainstream media and Democrats are super-quick to exploit it by way of assigning blame and pushing pre-conceived narratives well before any of the pertinent facts are established.


We’ve seen this play out numerous times, most notably with the Pulse nightclub murders in Florida in 2016 and recently with both the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado where five where murdered as well as a string of brick-throwing attacks at a gay bar in New York City that The Usual Suspects initially rushed to blame on “right-wing hate.”

In both instances, however, the accusations of supposed “MAGA bigotry” got interrupted with some inconvenient facts, as we previously reported. For starters, though a motive has not yet been established, Colorado suspect Anderson Aldrich’s lawyers stated not long after his arrest that Aldrich identified as “non-binary,” a claim that an NBC News reporter appears to have backed up after doing some Internet research. And in the NYC gay bar attacks, it just so happened that “a local gay man” was arrested and charged.

In Georgia, a similar scenario began to play out after threats against some gay bars in Atlanta were reported to police. As usual, a familiar scene unfolded on social media in response:


Except in this case, as it was in the one from NYC, the man who was arrested over the threats was … drumroll … a gay man, as independent journalist Andy Ngo noted:

Strangely, this important information was left not only out of the reports done by local news outlets on the arrest of Staub, but also those that were published at LGBTQ sites like The Advocate and for some reason, both of which did manage to reference how “right wing attacks” against the community were supposedly escalating.


It seems redundant at this point to have to keep reminding people of the importance of waiting for the facts to come in before jumping to conclusions, but it needs to be said anyway — because the world would unquestionably be a better place if more people did so.

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