Male 'Feminist' Accidentally Explains Everything Wrong With Pro-Choice Men in Wildly Self-Serving Rant

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Pro-life women and men alike usually laugh when they hear the term “feminist” being used to describe a pro-abortion man. But seeing as though it’s women who these “feminist” men are trying to impress the most, it is conservative women in particular who especially get a kick out of the absurdity of them actually thinking they’re dazzling anyone with their virtue signaling outside of the people in their like-minded liberal circles on the matter.


That virtue signaling, of course, is wildly self-serving for reasons which should be obvious to everyone but which – shockingly enough – aren’t to some. No worries on that front, however, because a male feminist has just penned a lengthy screed where he laid out all the reasons why he believes a man should support a woman’s right to choose. Though he did it under the guise of being a proponent of “family planning,” it didn’t take much reading between the lines to see what he was really getting at.

Kaivan Shroff, who is a senior advisor for a D.C. non-profit, a Yale graduate, and a “Democratic digital organizer, strategist, and commentator,” wrote a piece earlier this week for Boston University’s WBUR public radio station website detailing how “men like me benefit from safe abortion access.”

In it, Shroff talked about how he would soon be graduating from law school after spending some 10 years in college and grad schools, and how now would be a “terrible time to have a baby.” He says though he someday does want to start a family that right now he wants to sow his wild oats and live a little before it comes time to settle down:

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve always wanted to have kids. I love the relationship I have with my parents and can’t imagine not getting to experience fatherhood. I think I’d be good at it. That said, I’m not in a relationship. I haven’t built a nest egg. And, frankly, after two years of a global pandemic, I want to eke out and enjoy every last minute of my 20s. In too many ways, I’m unsettled.


A little later, after spouting platitudes about believing “safe abortion is a basic human right” and how “women’s bodily autonomy should not be up for debate,” Shroff then acknowledged how men like him “have also long been the direct beneficiaries of safe abortion access” (gee, ya think?), again couching it from the “parenthood” perspective:

But men like me have also long been the direct beneficiaries of safe abortion access. Giving women the choice not to carry unwanted pregnancies often means we, too, can delay parenthood until we are ready.

But it was a couple more paragraphs down before we got to the real reason Shroff is a staunch proponent of “safe abortion access.” Shocker of shockers, it’s because he hasn’t always done his part to prevent pregnancy during sex:

It is the duty of both sexual partners to be proactive about safe sex, but in reality, too often this burden falls disproportionately on women. Admittedly, I’ve often relied on my female sexual partners to protect me from unwanted pregnancy. During my MBA, I recall panicking in an Uber to the train station after hanging out with a medical student I had met on Tinder and had seen a few times. She had a latex allergy. We didn’t use our best judgment. Then I got her text. She had decided to take plan B as an extra precaution. I was relieved.


I admit I’m scared of what eliminating access to abortion would mean for my own life.

What if I got a woman pregnant? What if she didn’t want to continue the pregnancy, but could not get an abortion? Would we try to stay together, even if it wasn’t a fit?


At the very end, the most ironic paragraph of all in the piece was written, where Shroff said “many men conveniently side-step defending a policy they have long taken for granted. At the least, men should be honest about the ways we also benefit.”

Um, yeah – Shroff was quite unintentionally “honest” in the ways he explained men benefit from supporting so-called “abortion rights,” so much so that some pointed to a satirical video done by the pro-life organization “Live Action,” telling Shroff he was literally that video in human form:

Others, like prominent conservative lawyer Ed Whelan, reacted accordingly.

“Yeah, big news that lots of guys like him favor abortion because of their interest in ‘sexual exploration’ (and, for many, exploitation) without responsibility for consequences,” Whelan tweeted in response.

Conservative political commentator Lauren Chen was even blunter in her assessment.

“This is some slimy male feminist BS. ‘Guys like me benefit from abortion because we don’t have to take responsibility when we knock someone up.'”

One of the things pro-life men hear often from feminists (or should I say “menstruating people“?) is how they should “shut up” on the issue of abortion because they don’t have lady parts and thus shouldn’t be allowed to comment. Strangely enough, those same women don’t apply the same rationale to pro-abortion men. But after reading Shroff’s piece, it might be that they’ll start telling male feminists to hush up before too many others get the bright idea to start saying the quiet part out loud about their true reasons for supporting “abortion access” even louder.


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