CNN’s Asha Rangappa Gets Rude Awakening After Suggesting White Conservatives Don’t Like Black Gun Owners

CNN’s Asha Rangappa Gets Rude Awakening After Suggesting White Conservatives Don’t Like Black Gun Owners
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Last week, RedState’s Becca Lower reported on Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) tweeting out a Christmas photo that showed him and his family holding guns while standing in front of a Christmas tree.

For those who missed it, check it out below:

Naturally, a freakout on the left commenced afterwards, with some of Massie’s Democrat colleagues in the House also weighing in and doing some virtue signalling along the way. Others including some Never Trumpers suggested it was “a horrible way to celebrate the birth of Jesus,” an argument RedState’s Brandon Morse tackled here.

But just yesterday, CNN’s Asha Rangappa, who I’ve been reliably told is a “legal analyst” but who oftentimes doesn’t sound like one, finally weighed in with her official hot take on the matter. And as per the norm, it was a real doozy.

“If there were black or brown families all posing with guns in front of their Christmas trees on social media,” she wrote, “do you think these same GOP reps would be celebrating it as 2nd Amendment freedom, or using it to fear monger about a ‘race war’ or ‘invasion’ or some such?”

Of course, in reality, the only “race war fearmongering” going on was that which was being done by Rangappa herself. She was set straight quickly by people who pointed to just a few of the many examples of black folks with guns who white conservatives apparently appreciate and admire:

The “white conservatives are terrified of black gun owners” argument goes back so far I’ve lost count, and it’s so nonsensical that it defies logic. White conservatives are not only not “terrified” of black gun owners, but they actually encourage legal gun ownership to them in the same way they do with other white people, women, Hispanics, gay people, etc.

In fact, it’s been my experience that gun rights are a very close second only to the First Amendment in terms of how passionately conservatives defend the rights outlined in the Constitution, perhaps because the two are so closely intertwined. Accordingly, white conservatives are more than happy to welcome new Second Amendment proponents into the fold regardless of race and/or political affiliation.

And if Rangappa doesn’t believe me, maybe she’ll believe an actual black conservative – RedState’s own Kira Davis.

“Asha, Black women are the fastest growing group of gun owners in America and we’re proud of it,” Kira tweeted in response to Rangappa’s nonsense. “I have yet to meet a conservative who didn’t think that was pretty damn awesome. Please get out more. Thanks.”

Trust me when I say it’s always smart to listen to Kira. People who don’t usually end up regretting it because whether liberals like it or not, Kira is usually right.

And so am I. Like 95% of the time. Though my dad would say that I think I’m right 100% of the time. I plead the 5th on that one. But I digress…

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