Prosecutor in Rittenhouse Trial Is Immediately Debunked After Making Wild ‘Heroic’ BLM Protesters Claim

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Closing arguments are being made today in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial as the jury prepares to begin their deliberations on what was presented over the last two weeks by both sides in the courtroom.


As we previously reported, the prosecution is making some pretty wild, demonstrably false statements in their closing argument, including the preposterous suggestion that once you’re carrying a gun you no longer have a right to claim self-defense.

My colleague Nick Arama correctly pointed out that what Assistant D.A. Thomas Binger said “is just flat-out wrong under the law. If it were true, then you could never have a self-defense case, no one who has a gun could ever claim self-defense. And perhaps that’s the aim here — to impugn the right to self-defense with a gun in general. Binger also told them you can’t claim self-defense if the person is unarmed. That’s also untrue.”

But something else Binger said today raised a lot of eyebrows, specifically as it related to proclaiming the Kenosha rioters including the mobs that ran after Rittenhouse as a “crowd full of heroes.” Watch:

Town Hall’s Julio Rosas, who was there for the Kenosha riots last year and who is covering the trial in person, begged to differ – and brought the receipts to counter such arguments, specifically referencing a monster thread full of videos of the rioting and violence he posted last August as he covered them in real-time:


… as did independent journalist Andy Ngo, who tweeted a thread chock full of video evidence to the contrary, including this one:

But beyond the video evidence, let’s consider the dangerous argument Binger is trying to make here. He’s proclaiming the mobs “heroes” for running after a man (Rittenhouse) who purportedly was being called an “active shooter” by law enforcement. Binger claimed they were acting selflessly in doing what others including himself likely would not have done in going after Rittenhouse, who was armed. The problem here, again, as we’ve already noted, is that it was the very crowd aka the mob that was the big issue here, not Rittenhouse, which is why Rittenhouse shot to defend himself.

I do get that there are people who are indeed heroes in genuine active shooter situations who stop shooters before they can commit harm to innocent people. But that situation doesn’t apply here, and Binger knows it based on the previous testimony of some of his own witnesses. Plus his argument, essentially, is that mob “justice” is appropriate in these types of situations, something the police STRONGLY argue against. The police are supposed to handle active shooters, not random mobs, some of who have nefarious motives from the start, as was the case here.


Simply put, if everyone acted in active shooter situations as Binger suggested was “heroic” in this instance, we’d likely have a lot more dead people, and a lot more of that “vigilante” style justice we saw in the Wild West days, which needless to say should not become a thing in modern society for obvious reasons.

I’ve watched a lot of criminal trials in my lifetime, and I can honestly say the prosecution, in this case, has made some of the worst, most dangerous, and frankly anti-American arguments I have ever seen. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the jury room. Let’s just pray that the concerns about rioting in the event of the “wrong” verdict don’t have an impact on their decision one way or the other.

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