Store Owner Gives Epic ‘Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings’ Rant When Confronted Over Transgender Sign

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As the old Ben Shapiro quote goes, “facts don’t care about your feelings,” and one store owner out of Washington state made that quite clear during a recent interview he did with a local TV station over a heated war of words between himself and a transgender city council member.


It all started when Don Sucher, who is the owner of the Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, Washington, put up a handwritten sign in the window of his store advertising what he called a “new” Dr. Seuss book. The book, he said, was called “If you are born with a [expletive], you are not a chick.”

Here’s what the sign looks like (language warning):

City Council member Tiesa Meskis, who identifies as a woman, either heard about the sign or saw it and went into the store to confront Sucher, where a nasty back and forth commenced with a lot of cursing taking place, as you can see from the video it appears Meskis had someone film while they were in and outside of the store going at it. Sucher repeatedly tells Meskis that they are “nuts” and that they don’t look like a woman and don’t act like a woman, while Meskis proceeds to stand directly in front of him arguing, at one point yelling out “trans women are women” as they exit the store:


What I found interesting about this story was not so much their argument, but the interview Sucher did with KING5 after the fact, where after noting he had the freedom of speech to say what he wanted to and that he was 78-years-old, he proceeded to go on a mini- “facts don’t care about your feelings” rant that I thought readers here would appreciate:

Sucher said anyone who doesn’t agree with him does not need to shop at his store. Sucher said he has received supportive phone calls from around the country about how he handled the confrontation, and the sign behind the incident.

“Everybody’s loved it. Everybody’s taken pictures of it,” said Sucher.

As for the councilwoman saying the sign was demeaning and hurtful? Sucher said he doesn’t care.

“I don’t give a [expletive] about feelings anymore,” said Sucher, “I went to Vietnam to fight for all this [expletive]. Do you think I care about some [expletive] feeling? Absolutely not!”

Starts at around 1:20 into the clip. Watch:

As for Meskis, they’ve organized a Saturday protest that will include members of Antifa, who will no doubt do what they do best in harassing Sucher over his views:


This is shaping up to be Wi Spa 2.0. We’ll keep you posted on developments. Stay tuned.

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