Dana Loesch Drops Facts on Andrew McCabe After His Disgraceful Comments About Congressional Baseball Shooting

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Serial liar/disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe appeared on CNN today to talk about the Biden administration’s just-released “National Strategy for Combating Domestic Terrorism,” a document that some worry will be used as the latest launching point for further baseless politically-motivated federal investigations against conservatives.


In announcing the strategy earlier today, one of the incidents of domestic terrorism Attorney General Merrick Garland brought up was the June 14, 2017 Congressional baseball practice mass shooting in which four people were shot, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who was nearly killed by the deranged Bernie Sanders supporter who specifically targeted Republicans for assassination.

During the CNN segment, McCabe was specifically asked if he thought Garland’s mentioning of the baseball field shooting was “significant” in the context of Garland’s other remarks about how the FBI viewed white supremacy as the “top domestic violence threat.” Here’s how McCabe responded:

“But he brought the other side of the equation into it by referring to the shooting of the Congressional baseball practice, and he did it very carefully by saying the shooting by someone who committed the shooting only after he confirmed that the players were Republicans. So I think that reflects the fact that the FBI still doesn’t exactly know what that shooter was up to. They never really uncovered the sort of detailed evidence that laid out a specific plot or an objective. But it is undeniable that he was targeting Republicans. And really, I thought, very effective.”

Watch (fast forward to the 1:05 mark):


This… just isn’t true, and conservative talk show host Dana Loesch dropped some inconvenient facts to prove it:

Something else that’s true of the FBI is how they bizarrely originally classified the shootings as “suicide by cop,” which survivors were alerted to in November 2017 while McCabe was still the Deputy Director of the FBI.

Back in April after that information became public knowledge, Scalise and numerous other Republican members of Congress wrote a letter urging FBI Director Christopher Wray to review the findings of the FBI’s original investigation, and to “update the conclusions of the FBI’s investigation, if warranted.” They also asked that he “conduct an internal investigation into how the FBI reached the conclusion of ‘suicide by cop’ and who was behind that process and determination.”


While the word games McCabe played today were not surprising and part of a long pattern with him, they were nevertheless infuriating, especially considering that even the Attorney General of the United States as much as admitted today that the baseball field shooting was an act of politically-motivated domestic terrorism (the mass shooting is even mentioned on page 5 of the strategy document the White House released today).

If he can, why can’t Andrew McCabe?

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