Fed up Little Girl Goes Beast Mode After Seeing 'Playground Closed Due to COVID Restrictions' Sign (Watch)

(Gwen R. Cario/The Awty International School via AP)

Much has been said, debated, and analyzed about the impact coronavirus restrictions have had on children over the last year. The most contentious of discussions have revolved around public school closures and how hypocritical left-wing teachers’ unions seem to be controlling both the debate and the Biden White House’s shifting narratives while treating all dissenting voices as being akin to “grandma killers” (this should sound very familiar to many who are reading this).


Sometimes lost in the back and forth about school closures is in how cities shutting off access to local public playgrounds during the pandemic have also further stifled the natural inclination of young people to run, play, and – well, be children.

Sure, they can do activities in their yards or around the house (and drive their parents a bit crazy in the process!), but there’s something different and special about playgrounds, and hearing the sounds of kids as they have fun on the swing sets, seesaws, slides, and soccer fields, exhausting themselves to the point mom and dad can take them home and tuck them into bed and then get some much-needed rest and relaxation themselves.

It is with all of that in mind that we turn to a cute video that circulated on the Twitter machine over the weekend and went viral. It shows a frustrated and rebellious little girl who sees a “playground closed due to COVID restrictions” sign and takes matters into her own hands. It was shared by numerous Twitter accounts, including Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.



Before we go any further, I should make clear to the social media hall monitors/journo-humor scolds who may be reading this that this is not an endorsement for kids to damage signs that are presumably public property.

That said, this girl, whether she was aware of it or not (most likely not!) was like a spirit animal to many people who are desperate for a return to normalcy in this country but who keep receiving mixed messages from the Biden administration on just what “getting back to normal” actually means and when they think it will start happening for most people:

Will she be the leader of the next revolution?

Survey says:

Welcome to the dark side, little lady 😉


On a related note, in case you hadn’t checked it out already, make sure to watch this recent video from RedState senior editor Brandon Morse where he talks at length about the dangers of vaccine passports and what we can learn about a similar system that was implemented in China:

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