The Irony Meter Explodes During Chuck Schumer's Rant About Amy Coney Barrett's SCOTUS Confirmation

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Though it’s anybody’s guess as to who’ll win the presidential election and control of the Senate on election day, one thing we do know for sure is that Democrats in the House and Senate acted like sore losers over the last few weeks as the confirmation process for then-Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett proceeded apace.

Outside of perhaps Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has shown the most propensity in the Senate for outright meltdowns and staging useless stunts over ACB’s nomination.

Schumer has warned the GOP of dire consequences down the line and has issued threats about how “nothing” would be “off the table” for Democrats once Barrett was confirmed – including the possibility of an FDR-style “pack the court” plan in a Biden-Harris administration.

But on Monday night after Judge Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Schumer gave what could arguably be considered the most ironic comments of his storied political career in speculating on what he felt Barrett’s confirmation might mean for future generations of Americans (bolded emphasis added):

“Here at this late hour, at the end of this sordid chapter in the history of the Senate, the history of the Supreme Court, my deepest and greatest sadness is for the American people,” Schumer said.

Generations yet unborn will suffer the consequences of this nomination,” he continued, “as the globe gets warmer, as workers continue to fall behind, as unlimited dark money floods our politics, as reactionary state legislatures curtail a woman’s right to choose, gerrymandered districts and limit the rights of minorities to vote, my deepest, greatest, and most abiding sadness tonight is for the American people and what this nomination will mean for their lives, their freedoms, their fundamental rights.”


“Generations yet unborn will suffer the consequences of this nomination” because state legislatures might vote to “curtail a woman’s right to choose” thinking ACB would rule in their favor when the lawsuits start? That is so very, very rich of him to say, considering how many millions of unborn children have suffered the brutal consequences of Democrats nominating pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court going back decades.

The irony was not lost on Twitter users, who responded accordingly:

A self-own of epic proportions, I might add.

Perhaps we should give Schumer a bit of a break, considering the pressure he’s been under in recent weeks not just due to ACB’s nomination but also thanks to his handpicked Senate nominee and married father of two Army Reservist Cal Cunningham’s admission earlier this month to an affair with the wife of a wounded Army veteran?


I think Schumer needs to give serious consideration to taking the advice his Republican Senate colleague John Kennedy (LA) had for him last week in response to his outbursts.

“On the one hand, I mean, Senator Schumer is doing his job,” Kennedy stated on “Fox and Friends” Thursday. “On the other hand, and I say this gently as well, right now, Chuck’s kind of like a teenager. He’s mad at everybody. We’re going to confirm Judge Barrett. And Senator Schumer needs to fill out a hurt feelings report, and let’s move on.”