Brian Stelter Hilariously Proves Trump's Point in Segment Explaining Why CNN Covers Him More Than Biden

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“Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter — screengrab via CNN.


Wow. Talk about a self-own.

CNN hall monitor chief media correspondent Brian Stelter, a pseudo-expert in all things media, did a segment during his “Reliable Sources” program Sunday in which he tried to explain why the mainstream media covered President Trump so much more than Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.


But in the analogies he used, Stelter again gave up the game on the issue of his network’s blatant anti-Trump bias, comparing Trump to a plane crash while comparing Biden to a “plane that lands safely” (bolded emphasis added):

Well, it reminds me of the old saying that plane crashes are news, but all of the planes that land safely don’t make the news. Or maybe the better comparison is to a house. Pictures of an arsonist burning down a house are more shocking than, I don’t know, speeches by a guy who is promising to repaint the house. I am sure you can think of a better comparison, but we know that the president is shocking. We know this phenomenon is real. Trump holds more events and talks longer and tweets more. Biden, on the other hand, is protecting his lead in the polls with a less-is-more approach.

Stelter went on to note the discussions the cast of characters at CNN have had behind the scenes on – get this – whether or not to actually do more reporting on Biden. They toyed with this idea not because there are actually many more stories out there they should be covering about Biden but aren’t, but instead in an attempt to give the news cycle some balance:

Look, even in my newsroom at CNN, within our editorial meetings for this program, Reliable Sources, we often talk about all the Trump drama and how it’s crowding out news about Biden. We talk about whether we need to add a Biden segment to the program. And if so, what would that be?


And then, as he often does, he patted himself and his network on the back for the segment he was doing on Biden at that moment – which in reality was just another segment bashing Trump while plumping Biden’s pillow:

Well, here it is. This is our Trump and Biden segment talking about this disparity and how it’s visible all over the place.


To make matters worse, NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen amplified Stelter’s remarks, suggesting that in “explain[ing] the derangement of our political and media moment” that Stelter “used television to teach”:

Anyone wondering why the journalism profession is in the sorry shape it finds itself in right now can thank left-wing professors like Rosen for contributing greatly its decline.


But back to Stelter, the media’s coverage of Trump isn’t so lopsided in comparison to Biden because Trump is allegedly “shocking.” And Biden isn’t “protecting his lead in the polls with a less-is-more approach.” Biden’s lead is not being “protected” by Biden but instead by “news” networks like CNN who ignore shocking stories that are damaging to Biden’s faux “decent guy” image by keeping the focus on Trump and off of Biden’s flubs, gaffes, stumbles and negative news stories that have the potential to swing voters in Trump’s direction.

Think about how CNN, for example, “covered” Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden. It took them several WEEKS before they first reported on them, and even when they did they admitted that their reporting relied mostly on what the New York Times and the Washington Post had dug up about Reade.

Even now, several months later, CNN is still not covering Biden like they should be. Instead, they cover for Biden, as has been evidenced by how they’ve treated the NY Post’s explosive story on Hunter Biden’s emails as fake news.

No, the media shining the spotlight more often on Trump than Biden during the course of their respective presidential campaigns this year has nothing whatsoever to do with shock value. What this is about is major media outlets doing everything they can to drag Biden over the finish line by painting Biden as the careful pilot “landing a plane safely” in comparison to reckless “plane-crasher” Trump.


The media welcomes Biden’s basement cocoon behavior because it allows them to ignore him and tear off after Trump and cook up conspiracy theories about his health and state of mind. Trump knows this, too, which is why he calls them out on it every chance he gets.

It’s like 2016 and what they did with Hillary Clinton. Burying stories that portrayed her in a flattering light while giving Trump all the attention. It’s a shame that in 4 years the media still hasn’t learned any hard lessons from that election, but very few held out hope that they would. Sadly, they did not disappoint.

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