The Daily Show Tries Swatting at Megyn Kelly's Kamala Criticisms, but Kelly Sets Them Straight

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As our sister site Twitchy reported last night, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly got in a few solid jabs in her commentary on Sen. Kamala Harris’s lackluster performance at the VP debate as well as on Harris’s defenders.

One in particular Kelly took heat from The Usual Suspects on is what she said about the odd facial expressions we saw from the Democratic vice presidential nominee. They were distracting and annoying, to say the least, and came off at times as juvenile. It’s something we saw often from her during the Democratic presidential primary debates, and it emerged as one of many things not to like about the California senator.

Kelly took to the Twitter machine to give her .02 on the matter:

Though Kelly obviously is a woman, the cries of “sexism!” and “double standards!” rang out from outraged “feminists” and others on the left. Some even pointed to some of the expressions we’ve seen from President Trump at previous debates as if that negated the criticism about Harris.


The liberals at the Daily Show were among the fauxfended. They tweeted out this .gif today, not mentioning Kelly by name – but it was pretty obvious it was aimed at her:

Kelly, in turn, set them straight in her response:

You know, I get that people want to defend “their side” in the aftermath of a debate, but garbage like that Daily Show tweet gets awfully tiresome after a while. We’re allowed to comment on her facial expressions just like people were allowed to tweak Trump about his.

More importantly, this is not just about facial expressions; it’s also about attitude and respect or lack thereof. The approach to this debate, in contrast to the last one, was supposed to be – and was billed and hyped as – “different.” It was going to be more “respectful”, “civil”, etc.

From that perspective, it’s all the more frustrating when you’re watching a debate and see someone trying to talk to their opponent and yet the candidate acts like they can barely hold back their disdain and are only halfway listening. Had Pence reacted to Harris the way she frequently reacted to him night last night he’d be accused of sexism and mansplaining and all the rest.


Oh wait, that’s already happened. Even though he showed a heck of a lot more respect for both the process and towards her than she did him.

I’m so sick of the double standards with these debates. I’m about 95% on board with the idea of just scrapping all VP/presidential debates in future presidential elections. They get more pointless with every election cycle, outside of showcasing Democrats and their double standards.

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