CNN's Sanjay Gupta Makes Wild Claim About Steroid Drug Trump Was Prescribed, Then Facts Get Dropped

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As I wrote earlier this week, the media-driven hysteria over President Trump being prescribed the steroid drug dexamethasone as part of his Wuhan virus treatment plan got out of hand fast.

This misinformation being spread on cable news networks and the social media feeds of “journalists” on this issue was so bad that actual pharmacists pushed back big time against TV “medical experts” who suggested that prescribing it to Trump was “evidence” his condition was far more serious and grave than his medical team had led the public to believe.

Another “medical expert” with a credibility crisis in progress this week is CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who has been a regular fixture on the network since the pandemic started.

As per the norm, Dr. Gupta was on CNN’s “Newsroom” program yesterday to continue armchair QB speculation as to whether or not Trump was actually sicker than what we were being told. At one point during the segment, Gupta referenced dexamethasone and how it supposedly was only given to patients who are “severely or critically ill”:

“What we still don’t know is why these various medications were added, like what triggered that. Again, the steroids, in particular, are a medication typically given to severely or critically ill patients.”

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This comment drew almost immediate pushback from pharmacists, other doctors, as well as patients who had received a form of steroids for a past or current and/or ongoing ailment:


Dr. Gupta clarified today that he was talking specifically about patients diagnosed with COVID …

… but not even that went over well:


I’ve just about had it with the “medical experts” news networks bring on to “analyze” Trump’s condition and actions. Instead of giving neutral observations, they come in with an angle to push that – shockingly – just so happens to match right up with what “journalists” on the network say, too.

This isn’t funny. It’s ridiculous and dangerous. This is vital medical information we are talking about here, not a debate about sports stats or what causes rain to fall from the sky. The (deliberate?) misinformation coming from these people has simply got to stop.

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