TDS-Positive Jen Rubin Goes off Deep End in Nasty Attack on FLOTUS, Gets Responses She Deserves

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First lady Melania Trump, greets other volunteers at the Red Cross in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018, as she pitches in to assemble military comfort kits that are provided to members of the military as they prepare for deployment. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


As RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham reported, there has been no shortage of absolute garbage hot takes from The Usual Suspects in the aftermath of the news of President Trump’s and First Lady Melania Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus diagnoses.

Not to be outdone, Washington Post columnist and former “conservative” Jennifer Rubin has been furiously firing off hot take after hot take of her own today, demanding President Trump resign immediately, accusing him and other Republicans of deliberately wanting to kill people, and calling Trump’s family “monsters.”

One family member in particular who Rubin took aim at in her frenzied rants about “evil” Trump and members of his administration was Melania Trump. It happened after FLOTUS took to the Twitter machine to provide an update on her condition and to thank supporters for their thoughts and prayers:

The message was innocuous to most people – but not to Rubin, who went off the deep end by accusing Mrs. Trump of “not giving a f*** about children”:


Some set Rubin straight on the record concerning what FLOTUS actually said on the so-called “Melania tapes” about children at the border:

While others, like yours truly, called her out for the rotten person she is:


The best four words of advice that can be given to anyone who thinks Rubin’s wild-eyed ravings are a good look:

In uncertain times like these, people reveal to you in their own way who they really are. Perhaps next time news of this nature breaks, the best thing for Ms. Rubin to do would be to log off instead of removing all doubt about who and what she has become.

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