No Mercy: McConnell Gets a Sweet Dunk in on Biden, Dares Him to Mansplain Women's Rights to Female Nominee

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., leaves the chamber after leading the impeachment acquittal of President Donald Trump at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


Though there were no sarcastic references to “Handmaid’s Tale”, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did include a pretty sweet dunk on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in his latest floor speech lecturing Democrats on their panicked hysteria over the upcoming SCOTUS confirmation battle.

Fresh off of his Wednesday smackdown of Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Sen. McConnell spent most of today’s speech reminding people of how the playbook is the same for Democrats every single time the issue of a Supreme Court nominee comes before the Senate. Without fail, they immediately declare each and every Republican nominee for the Supreme Court as the one that will set women’s rights back decades, centuries, even.

McConnell noted the case was the same in this instance, pointing out how even though Democrats don’t even know who the nominee will be at this point that they are still lobbing the same predictable, tiresome accusations.

What McConnell hinted that he found particularly amusing was that in this case, the left including Biden does at least know that Trump’s nominee will be a woman, because Trump announced it a few days ago. So with that in mind, McConnell chuckled as he recalled some of the left’s boilerplate attacks on the next nominee, zeroing in on Biden’s assessment in particular.


Then the Senator who MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman dubbed the “apex predator” of politics practically dared Biden to mansplain women’s rights to whoever that female nominee ends up being (bolded emphasis added):

So it’s safe to say the American people could start writing their Bingo cards now. We already know every outlandish claim and unhinged attack we’re going to hear.

In fact, former Vice President Biden has already cut to the front of the line. Just yesterday he offered the following assessment, prior to learning who he was assessing.

Quote: ‘Women’s rights as it relates to everything from medical health care is going to be gone.’ This is former Vice President Biden yesterday.

Good luck deciphering what he’s trying to say. It sounds like more of the same old junk.

Perhaps the nation will soon watch this man in his late 70s condescend to explain women’s healthcare to one of the brilliant women whom President Trump indicates he is considering.

Fortunately, the far-left scam artists do not get a vote. The special interest groups’ fundraising appeals do not get a vote. The fate of this nomination will be determined by the United States Senators whom the American people elected to do this job.



In my very humble opinion, I think what he did there was give not just Biden but Senate Democrats including Biden’s vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris a preview of what’s to come in the Senate confirmation hearings. Expect Republican Senators to react incredulously every time a Democrat Senator accuses the well-qualified and accomplished female nominee of being the one who will take women back to the dark ages.

The chickens are getting ready to come home for the left as they will be hoisted by their own miserable petards. It’s gonna be popcorn-worthy. I can’t wait.

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