CNN's Oliver Darcy Commits Embarrassing Self-Own in Piece Bashing Fox News's Kamala VP Coverage

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As expected, the mainstream media has done nothing but gush and fawn over Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his VP running mate. Harris has been presented as a “smart” pick and a “pragmatic moderate” (to the surprise of many), and the media cannot make mention enough of how she has “broken barriers” as the first black female vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket.

Naturally, CNN is doing their part as well, going all in with pieces about Harris like how she has “spent [her] career breaking barriers”, how Biden picking Harris was “a moment in history to remember”, and how Harris allegedly has “no obvious weakness that the Trump campaign would exploit.”

With all of that in mind, you won’t be surprised to find out that CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy’s contribution was to “report” that Fox News prime time opinion hosts were busy, you know, giving their opinions and stuff on Harris last night.

Darcy absurdly took aim at not only Sean Hannity, Lara Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson for doing what political commentators do, but also at anchor Martha MacCallum, who had the nerve to correctly point out that Biden being forced to pick a woman of color as his running mate – in her view as a woman – “takes away from some of the selection in some ways.”


This, to Darcy, was part of Fox News “throwing everything but the kitchen sink” at Harris.

The laugh-out-loud part of Darcy’s rant is a twofer:

1) It was completely lacking in self-awareness, considering how CNN has become nothing more than a 24-7 propaganda network devoted to ending Trump’s presidency, right down to criticizing the number of ice cream scoops he eats.

2) He committed a number of embarrassing self-owns in his own piece. Darcy linked several times to left-wing Media Matters hacks in his “report.” He did so with MMFA’s Nikki Ramirez twice – in his rant about MacCallum by linking to this video and in his rant about Tucker Carlson where he used this link from Ramirez.

The real kicker was at the end, in a section he’d labeled “for the record, part one.” The second link he included that was part of “the record” was … from Media Matters:

— The progressive media watchdog Media Matters notes that right-leaning Facebook pages “have been laying the groundwork to attack Kamala Harris online…” (Media Matters)

As I’ve written before, Media Matters is little more than a deceptive, dishonest mouthpiece for Democratic party talking points about how evil Republicans allegedly are and how Fox News supposedly operates which, come to think of it, is exactly what CNN is.


So, to recap, in a piece decrying Fox News opinion hosts for having opinions on politics, Darcy beclowned himself by using Media Matters as an authoritative source without referencing the fact that they’re a left-wing opinion site with an angle to push.

Furthermore, he failed to mention that his own network’s straight-news division did the exact opposite of Fox’s opinion hosts by way of pushing story after story about what an amazing trailblazer Harris supposedly is and how she was a solid pick for Biden, etc etc.

It’s actually okay for opinion show hosts to express biased viewpoints about current events and to reference biased sources. It most certainly is not okay, however, for supposedly impartial reporters like Darcy to do so. And yet that’s exactly what he does, every single day.

It’s unbelievable what these guys think they can get away with. It’s like they think we aren’t paying attention to what they say. But we are.


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