Reality Check: Dem 'Outrage' About Trump's 'Law and Order' Moves Has Zero to Do With 'Authoritarian' Concerns

Reality Check: Dem 'Outrage' About Trump's 'Law and Order' Moves Has Zero to Do With 'Authoritarian' Concerns


With President Trump’s decision today to send federal law enforcement officers into crime-ridden Democrat-run cities like Chicago has come the tiresome alarm bell ringing from the Usual Suspects on the left about how his efforts to restore law and order amount to “right-wing authoritarianism.”

For those who missed Trump’s announcement earlier today, watch it below:

“Feminist” writer Jill Filipovic provides us with a classic example of the type of pearl-clutching about “authoritarianism” we’re seeing from leftist handwringers:

Cray cray Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) suggested to Joy Reid such decisions from Trump might be a “trial run” of sorts for Trump to steal the election if he doesn’t win it or something:

This is all such utter garbage and horse poopy I don’t know where to start. But how about we first roll the tapes to see what’s happening in large American cities like Portland:

… and Chicago:

…and New York City:

…and Atlanta:

These places have become hellholes thanks to the failed “leadership” of the Democrat mayors who run them: Ted Wheeler (Portland), Lori Lightfoot (Chicago), Bill de Blasio (NYC), and Keisha Lance Bottoms (Atlanta).

Instead of nipping the lawlessness and chaos that erupted in these cities in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in the bud early on and setting an example that it would not be tolerated under any circumstances, these “leaders” instead allowed it to take root, thinking they could “negotiate peace” with violent, thuggish left-wing anarchists who in reality have no interest whatsoever in finding common ground with the same leaders who gaslight their cities by calling lawbreakers “peaceful protesters.”

Children – babies – are literally dying in the streets of these cities thanks to these same mayors who are only interested in talking tough when it comes to pushing back on Trump’s stated intentions on sending in federal officers to help the very local law enforcement officers these leaders have turned their backs on.

Which brings me to what the left’s “concerns” about Trump’s law and order moves are really all about:

They’re worried that this will show the American people how utterly incompetent and feckless – not to mention dangerously naive – these Democrat mayors actually are.

Are people who support this type of federal intervention proponents of authoritarian rule, as Filipovic and others have suggested? Nope. You can be for freedom and democracy and all that but still want federal help when you think the people in charge at the local levels are failing their communities and literally putting innocent lives at risk:

I live in Charlotte, NC, which is a Democrat-run city. We’re experiencing a violent crime wave of our own, though not yet on the level of Chicago. But violent crimes – murders in particular – have been on the rise since the George Floyd protests and ever since city leaders have started talking about defunding the police or otherwise shifting large portions of their funding to “community initiatives” or whatever.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence here or in any other big city in America than when violent criminals hear leaders trash police, they think they can get away with more violence because they believe police will be too scared to act – or will be told to stand down by Democratic mayors.

If it continues to get worse here in my city, I’ll be among the first pleading for federal intervention on a temporary basis. Because it will either be that or mob rule-style “justice” and wild-west style shootouts in the street, and that is not the type of America we should ever turn into.

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