Kellyanne Conway Asks the One Question Every 'Woke' Cancel Culturalist Should Answer

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White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway looks to her left as she is interviewed by a television crew outside the White House, Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


As we’ve documented extensively here at RedState, “woke” cancel culturalists are going after everything and just about everyone in sight including the musical “Hamilton“, the Founding Fathers and Mount Rushmore, “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, actor Terry Crews, numerous “WrongThinkers” in academia, and pretty much every elected conservative.

Fortunately, Republicans have been pushing back hard against the raging leftist herds over the last few weeks. And just today, even prominent public figures on the left including Rowling and Noam Chomsky sounded alarm bells on cancel culture mobs (but only after conveniently looking the other way on it for years as long as it didn’t impact them personally).

But with all the back and forth debate going on between the left and the right over pulling down statues, erasing United States history from public view, and destroying the careers of people who disagree with the mob, the one question that should be asked of cancel culturalists is one we haven’t heard often.

Kellyanne Conway, a senior legal adviser/counselor to President Trump, got to the heart of the matter in an appearance she made on Fox News earlier today, noting that canceling history and people you don’t like doesn’t help a single person. Conway also brought up a key question that should be asked of all cancel culturalists going forward from this point on (bolded emphasis added):

[Conway told] Fox News that “It is easier to talk and squeal, and complain, and bellyache belligerently and lie … than to actually help people.”

“People are trying to shame people from their jobs, their disagreement with any dissent, they’re trying to cancel individuals,” Conway told “Outnumbered Overtime.” “And it is mostly people who choose their lives online, not offline.”


“Here is my main problem with cancel culture, ripping down statues, and the whole like,” Conway pointed out. “How does it get one more kid of color who is in a failing school a better opportunity, a better education? These same people who are saying ‘cancel culture, rip down statues, take away statues from Statuary Hall, they always vote against opportunity scholarships in Washington, D.C., which help African American and Hispanic kids.”



Tying the cancel culture mobs to the opportunity scholarships debate was a smart move because poll after poll shows a majority of black voters approve of school choice. In fact, it’s an issue that has divided the Democratic party along racial lines, as the Tampa Bay Times reported earlier this year.

Conway’s right. Tearing down statues, canceling the Founding Fathers, and firing a conservative professors for WrongThink indeed will not get one child closer to better educational opportunities. School choice, however, will.

Ironically, the radical left-wing “Black Lives Matter” organization and their affiliated groups support the very political party that prevents all children including minority children and their parents from being able to pick the school of their choice because of powerful teachers unions.

BLM activists and their prominent cancel culturalist supporters on the left (including Democrats in Congress) have been getting a lot of face time in the media lately thanks to the protests and the riots. It’d be nice if we had a fair and impartial media that would ask them Conway’s question and others related to school choice, and in what way they think ripping down a statue and canceling someone’s career will help a child’s future.


Won’t happen, though, because it doesn’t fit the media’s “Orange Man Bad” and “Must Protect Biden” narratives.

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