MSNBC's Chris Hayes Gets Taken to School After Trying to Redefine 'Domestic Terrorism' to Exclude Rioters

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MSNBC host Chris Hayes – screengrab via Late Night with Seth Meyers.


Not that anyone should be surprised, but we can add MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to the growing list of left-wing media figures trying to gaslight people over the violent protests that have taken place in cities across America in the aftermath of the officer-involved death of George Floyd.


Just hours before the widespread incidents of police being violently targeted by “peaceful protesters” Monday, here’s what Hayes had to say in response to Republicans including Trump calling the vandalism, rioting, arson, looting, and assaults that have taken place in cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and New York domestic terrorism:

Wow, really? And yet guests on Hayes’s MSNBC show and others were calling conservatives who showed up with guns to reopen rallies “domestic terrorists.” In fact, there seemed to be widespread agreement among Democrats that these people were domestic terrorists, even though there was not a single incident of violence, nothing even remotely close to what we’ve seen over the last week in Democrat-run cities like Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

Of course, the problem with Hayes’s claim about domestic terrorism as it relates to the George Floyd protests is that the destruction and chaos in the name of “Justice for George” is quite literally the very definition of “terrorism”:


Hayes didn’t answer. He was too busy continuing to rationalize the violence:


Last week, Hayes compared the violence during the protests to the American Revolution and also wondered why the Michigan militiamen were treated differently by police than the rioters, so none of this should really be too shocking. It’s disgusting, to be sure, but not shocking.


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