PBS Journalist Yamiche Alcindor Tries to Gaslight America Over DC Riots, and It Does Not Go Well

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster


Even as major cities across America including Washington, D.C. are under siege right now right before our very eyes by anarchists masquerading as concerned citizens who want justice for George Floyd, there are “journalists” out there who continue to gaslight us insist that the violent riots they are showing us on TV are “peaceful” and “not generally unruly.”

But PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor, who like CNN’s Sara Sidner is an unapologetic left-wing activist pretending to be an objective reporter, took it one step further in a series of tweets over the weekend.

It all started out with a tweet from President Trump, who declared that the “protesters” who were taking part in the anarchy should not be tolerated:

With a straight face, Alcindor replied that Trump made the accusation that they were anarchists “without providing any evidence.” Seriously:

She later posted a thread that she believed refuted the president’s tweet:

Exceptions to the rule are just that, though. Exceptions. On the other hand, the lawless animals who are looting, setting fires to buildings, and assaulting people have become more the rule than the exception.

This is something Alcindor would know if she peaked her head out even just a tiny bit outside of her own bubble:

Yeah, move along. No anarchists to see – at least not by Yamiche’s (unexplained) definition of the word, anyway.

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