Tara Reade Story Now Has a CNN Angle Thanks to Larry King, but CNN's Media Correspondents Aren't Covering It

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“Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter – screengrab via CNN.

My RedState colleague Nick Arama reported Friday night on the blockbuster story involving an intriguing 1993 Larry King Live interview clip that has resurfaced thanks in part to interviews The Intercept’s Ryan Grim did with Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade.


To recap, Grim says Reade told him in recent interviews about a call her late mother allegedly made to King sometime in the 1990s (Reade was unsure of the date/time of the call) where her mother allegedly gave King an anonymous summary of Reade’s story, asking him for advice on what to do.

Grim talked about Reade’s mention of the call during a segment he did with podcaster Katie Halper, who was the first to report on Reade’s allegations a month ago. A listener did some digging and then sent The Intercept a transcript of the call. The date and time of the call are significant for reasons Grim explained in his Intercept piece and on Twitter:

Here’s the one minute video, for those who missed it:

Reade stated in a tweet that that was her mother’s voice.

So with all of this in mind, do you think CNN’s media correspondents Brian Stelter and/or Oliver Darcy have reported on this angle of the story, considering it’s an old clip from their network that is being used to potentially corroborate aspects of Reade’s explosive sexual assault allegations against the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee? No:


In addition to that particular media angle, Here’s another one that CNN should be writing about: Grim is laughably accusing the Media Research Center of “sitting on” the Reade clip, as though they’ve known about it for months but were just waiting for the right time to spring it:

MRC responded accordingly:

MRC is considered “right wing media”, according to Oliver Darcy, and right wing media is Darcy’s primary focus, according to his CNN bio.


Has Darcy tweeted about even this angle? As of this writing, no. In fact, there’s nothing about either angle in his Saturday morning newsletter. Has Stelter? As of this writing? No. But they did both take the time to point out that Drudge dunked on Trump over the disinfectant cleaner nonsense story, though, so that’s where their priorities are right now, it appears.

This is all rather strange. I mean, aren’t media correspondents, you know, supposed to cover stories about the media?

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