Heh: McConnell Campaign Trolls House Dem Who Said Cocaine Mitch Has Made Senate a Judge-Confirming 'Machine'

"Cocaine Mitch" graphic. Image via Team Mitch.

Mitch McConnell “Cocaine Mitch” graphic. Image via Team Mitch.

Like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT) is frustrated that so many bills passed by the Democratic-controlled House have stalled once they reach the Republican-controlled Senate. He blames one man: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).


In an interview this week, Himes talked about how the House has not been “distracted” by the impeachment inquiry process that has escalated over the last two months, and says Democrats have taken care of a lot of their other priorities in the House, too. But McConnell’s focus on confirming judges has ruined their hopes for ramming the left’s agenda through:

“We’re getting plenty of stuff done,” Himes said. “There’s some 400 bills out there that have passed in the House of Representatives. The reason that they are not going anywhere has nothing to do with distracted Democrats because every week we pass bills. It has to do with the fact that Mitch McConnell has converted the United States Senate into a machine to approve judges.

“So, Americans need to understand that half of the Congress is a machine to approve Donald Trump’s judges. And that, of course, takes up all the time and energy in the Senate and doesn’t allow us to take up bills,” he continued. “Many of which are, by the way, bipartisan.

Watch Himes speak on the “problem” of McConnell confirming judges below:


The McConnell campaign caught wind of Himes’ complaint, and posted this hilarious gif in response:

The numbers don’t lie. McConnell has indeed turned the Senate into a judge-confirming “machine” since Trump was elected president:

Team Mitch’s reaction? As you might expect:


And per The Hill, McConnell is not done having judges confirmed this month. There are two more on deck for consideration next week:

McConnell has already teed up two circuit nominations for next week: Patrick Bumatay and Lawrence VanDyke to serve on the Ninth Circuit.

Stay tuned!

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