Feminism: A Former Dem Candidate Demanded Women Not Have Sex With Conservative Men - and It Did Not Go Well

Florida Democrat Pam Keith, a former candidate for both the U.S. House and Senate. Screen grab via WPLG.
Former FL Dem candidate Pam Keith
FL Democrat Pam Keith, a former candidate for both the U.S. House and Senate. Screen grab via WPLG.

Florida Democrat Pam Keith has had unsuccessful primary runs for both the House and Senate.


She’s also known for publishing some weird, unhinged content on her social media pages. But earlier today she went a little bit more “out there” than she normally does.

Keith, a Navy veteran and self-described “moderate” Democrat, has been been known to promote voter fraud in Florida (keep in mind that she’s a lawyer), and has encouraged diehard Democrats to move to red states for the sole purpose of turning them blue (because we can’t have other states thinking differently, ya know).

Just this morning, she posted about how the Republican party is the white supremacist version of sharia or something:

She was only getting warmed up, though. Later, she encouraged women to stop having sex with conservative men – because of the patriarchy and stuff:


As you can imagine, the tweet has gotten seriously ratioed.

Pam Keith - ratio'd tweet
Source: Twitter.

Not only was it poorly worded (“give them the hand and keep it moving”?? Umm…), but it totally went against the whole Democratic mantra of “my body my choice”, did it not? Plus, wasn’t it homophobic and transphobic to only address her tweet to women? What about gay men? What about transgender men who are attracted to men? What about transgender women who are attracted to men?

Twitter users were quick to respond:


Greg at Twitchy documented more thought-provoking tweet responses here.

What this boils down is that Ms. Keith is telling you that women can – and should – only be attracted to/love people of a certain ideology.

This is just SO WRONG. I mean, come on, Pam. WHAT ABOUT LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE?

Enjoy the weekend, y’all.

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