"I Wasn't Going to Stop": Feds Thwart Alleged ISIS-Inspired Terrorist Attack Against National Harbor

Rondell Henry. Screen grab via WMAR.
Rondell Henry - alleged ISIS-inspired Maryland terrorist.
Rondell Henry. Screen grab via WMAR.

NBC News reports on the developing story of a Maryland man who allegedly stole a U-Haul and planned to use it in a Nice-style terrorist attack in National Harbor, Maryland:


Federal prosecutors on Monday accused Rondell Henry, 28, of Germantown, Maryland, of planning to carry out the attack. He was arrested March 28 after surveillance video showed him parking and getting out of a U-Haul truck that was reported stolen two days earlier, investigators said.

“He said he wanted to carry out a Nice-style attack,” a law enforcement official said, referring to the 2016 truck terror attack that killed 86 people in Nice, France. The Islamic State group claimed credit for that attack, and French authorities said it was an act of jihadist terrorism.

“I was just going to keep driving and driving and driving. I wasn’t going to stop,” Henry told the FBI, according to charging papers filed Monday.


Family members reported the computer engineer missing March 26 after he failed to report to work as a contractor at a Maryland satellite services company. They told police they were concerned for his “physical and emotional welfare.”

That same day, according to investigators, the U-Haul truck was stolen from a mall parking garage in Alexandria, Virginia. The driver reported seeing a car follow the truck and park a few spaces away.

Apparently, Henry wasn’t very good at hiding his extremism:


Fox News has more details on the actions that led to Henry’s arrest:

“After stealing the van, Henry drove around, arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia at approximately 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2019,” officials said. “The government’s motion for detention alleges that Henry exited his U-Haul and entered the terminal, trying to find a way through security, allegedly to harm ‘disbelievers’ in a way designed for maximum publicity. After more than two hours of failing to breach Dulles’s security perimeter, Henry allegedly returned to the U-Haul.”

He then allegedly proceeded to the National Harbor. The motion for detention claimed that he “parked the U-Haul and walked around a popular part of National Harbor. According to the motion for detention, Henry finally broke into a boat to hide overnight. By the following morning, Thursday, March 28, police officers had discovered the location of the stolen U-Haul. When Henry leapt over the security fence from the boat dock, observant Prince George’s County Police officers arrested him.”


Read the DOJ’s full press release and corresponding documents here.

Watch WMAR’s news segment on the case below:

Thank God they caught him.

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