PRIVILEGE: Blackface and Fake Hate Crimes Are OK as Long as You're a Democrat

In light of today’s insane breaking news about Jussie Smollett, along with the fact that Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam is still in office, this tweet from Cam Edwards is absolutely spot on:


Is this not the truth?

Furthermore, is it not the weirdest thing when you find yourself agreeing with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on how this case played out?

And…. David Axelrod??

While it’s not exactly breaking news that a Democrat in Chicago can get away with breaking the law, that this was such a high profile case – and one that seemed pretty clear cut fairly early on – amplifies that fact hundredfold.


Also think about this: Do you think the people celebrating Smollett’s “victory” against the Chicago PD would be so elated if charges had been dropped against a white guy who had perpetrated a hate crime hoax and falsely blamed two black guys?

There would be a national outcry and 24-7 news coverage featuring our intellectual betters on the left dropping the hammer down on “white privilege.”

Do you think Ralph Northam would still be the governor of Virginia if he was a Republican? Of course he wouldn’t be.

As Red State‘s Bonchie noted earlier, there are definitely two justice systems in America: One for the privileged, and one for the not so privileged. But that doesn’t just apply to people with money, power, and influence.


It also applies to Democrats and other garden-variety liberals … in the justice system and – thanks to “journalists” like CNN‘s Brian Stelter – in the court of public opinion, too.


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