Kamala Harris, Who Dined Many Times Alone With a Married Man, Finds Pence's Position on Dining Alone With Women "Outrageous"

Sen. Kamala Harris on MSNBC
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) in an interview with MSNBC.

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was interviewed on MSNBC on Thursday about a variety of issues. One of them was about the recent comments made by former veep Joe Biden where he called Vice Pres. Mike Pence “a decent guy”:


Harris, who is part of the sprawling 2020 Democratic field, broadly criticized Pence in an interview on MSNBC, and took specific aim at his approach to meetings with women, though her description of the practice appeared to differ from his.

“I disagree with most of what the vice president stands for, when he makes decisions about our LGBTQ community in a way that doesn’t understand that they should be entitled to full equality and all rights under the law as any other American,” Harris said. “I disagree with him when he suggests it’s not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself. I think that’s ridiculous — the idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous.”

Watch Harris’s remarks in the video clip below:


Pence’s Press Secretary took issue with what the Senator said and tweeted out a response defending Pence:

Harris is probably going to wish that she didn’t “go there” with respect to the topic of the married Pence making it a rule not to dine alone with women. Why? Because it brings to mind her own experiences in this area:

In 1995, she began dating [Willie] Brown, then Assembly speaker and one of the most powerful men in California politics. Brown put Harris on the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the California Medical Assistance Commission, part-time posts that supplemented her prosecutor’s salary with nearly $100,000 in extra annual pay.

The December night Brown was elected mayor, Harris joined him at center stage in a longshoremen’s union hall and gave him a blue cap that said, “Da Mayor.”


Of course Harris disagrees with the vice president on the issue of women dining alone with powerful married men because she herself as a rising star in California politics was a beneficiary of dining alone (and often) with a powerful married man.

And if you have any questions about it, just ask the powerful married man himself. He seems quite happy to remind people about their affair.

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