Winning: Trump Again Provides Fast Food Feast for Athletes, and Includes Chick-fil-A

Pres. Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence greet students from North Dakota State's championship football team. Screen grab via Global News.
Trump, Pence, and ND State championship football team
Pres. Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence greet students from North Dakota State’s championship football team. Screen grab via Global News.

When it comes to serving hungry college athletes, President Trump seems to know just what to put on the menu.


Fox News reports on the Monday White House festivities for the North Dakota State Bison football team:

President Trump invited the North Dakota State Bison, the seven-time NCAA Football Championship Subdivision winners, to the White House Monday, and once again rolled out a menu of a few of his favorite fast-food dishes.

The president reportedly served the young men a buffet of McDonald’s hamburgers — same as he did when he hosted National Champion winners, the Clemson Tigers, in January. However, this time he added fan-favorite Chick-fil-A to the mix, with a selection of what appeared to be chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and the fast-food chain’s signature sauces.

“We like American companies, OK?” Trump said of his choice of food offerings.

The team, in turn, presented Trump with his own Bison jersey:

Quarterback Easton Stick, fresh off the NFL combine, gave the President a Number 45 Bison jersey.

“We have an unbelievable brotherhood that goes back to the 60’s winning championships, it’s a huge family. So today, we would like to extend an offering to be part of that family with a jersey. Number 45, for President Trump,” said Stick.


Watch video of Trump’s food presentation, and praise for the team, below:

The burning question I have for all of this is when will we see the Washington Post‘s fact check team on the case? Flashback:

Here’s a better flashback:

Heading out for a sammich, waffle fries, and lemonade right now. BRB…

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