BREAKING: Suspect Arrested in Violent Assault of Conservative on UC-Berkeley Campus

Good news!

Campus Reform reports this afternoon on a breaking story involving the arrest of the thug who punched a conservative activist on the campus of UC-Berkeley in February:


UC-Berkeley said Friday that it has arrested the suspect in the recent violent attack against a conservative on campus.

The school identified the suspect as Zachary Greenberg. This is the first time that UC-Berkeley has publicly named the suspect who on Feb. 19 was caught on video punching Hayden Williams, a conservative and employee of Campus Reform‘s parent organization, in the face. At the time, Williams was helping conservative groups recruit new members.

“Today, an Alameda County Superior Court Judge issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspect in the matter involving a February 19 assault on Sproul Plaza. Zachary Greenberg was arrested by the University of California Police Department (UCPD) on the warrant and booked into jail at 1 p.m. UCPD will formally present the case to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing of criminal charges. Once the matter is presented and reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office, additional information will be made available regarding a charging decision,” UC-Berkeley said in a statement Friday.

Red State‘s Brandon Morse wrote about the disturbing incident:

According to Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk, a TPUSA member Hayden Williams was recruiting on campus when a thug approached and threatened him. The altercation soon became physical, with the thug advancing as the TPUSA recruiter retreating as he was manhandled by the former.

The thug then got in the Williams’ face threatening him further and calling him a “racist little inbred b*tch. C**t!.” As it looked like the confrontation was over, the thug slugged the recruiter in the face and walked away shouting obscenities.


Red State‘s Alex Parker noted earlier this week that police had requested a felony warrant for the suspect.

Watch the video of what happened:

As Campus Reform also points out, this isn’t the first time Berkeley’s dealt with issues involving violence against conservatives on campus:

Berkeley is no stranger to anti-conservative violence. During a number of violent riots that broke out in early 2017 in response to appearances by several conservative speakers such as Milo Yiannopolous, a Diablo Valley College ethics professor named Eric Clanton smashed at least one person upside the head with a bike lock.


Another rioter sprayed Trump supporter Kiara Robles in the face with pepper spray for wearing a hat that read, “Make Bitcoin Great Again.”

Hayden Williams can rest a little easier tonight. They got the man who attacked him.

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