SURPRISE! Queen Kamala Lies About the Outrage Over Her Sequined Jacket Photo Shoot

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Trevor Noah from The Daily Show. Screen grab via Comedy Central.

Remember the uproar from earlier this month caused by lady journos who were fangirling over Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) modeling a colorful sequined jacket while in a South Carolina vintage thrift store?


In an interview she did with Trevor Noah from The Daily Show just a few days later, the 2020 presidential hopeful talked about the controversy, putting it in the the context of how Democratic candidates will be – in Noah’s view – treated differently than President Trump.

The DC Examiner reported:

“So I’m in this store, and I’m hearing her story, and I want to buy something, and so then I look at this multicolored, sequined jacket. And I’m thinking this would be really great for Pride Parade, right?” Harris told Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” of her trip to Styled by Naida, a nonprofit organization founded by a formerly homeless woman.

“And I get home, and my husband’s like, because he wasn’t with me, he’s like, ‘So there’s this jacket that apparently you tried on and it’s now got its own life,'” Harris said. “And apparently it became the subject of all this controversy by journalists around should she be doing something like shopping if she’s running for president, and then all this other… And just ridiculous, right?”

Watch the segment below (I set it to start at the relevant point in the video):


Ok. Let’s get real here. The uproar that erupted over the sequined jacket photo shoot was not because Harris “was shopping.” It was due to the fact that a lot of people viewed the videos and photos cheerfully posted by the lady journalists covering her as evidence of the media’s left wing bias.

Let’s remember how it all started. A CNN journalist informed her Twitter followers about how “we kind of forced” Harris to try on the jacket.

NBC News reporter Ali Vitali provided context with her tweet where she noted Harris trying on the jacket was “inspired by an inquiry from @MaeveReston of #campaignfashionreport fame.”


Like, totes adorable, right?


As I wrote in response to the journalists who accused critics of what happened of engaging in “sexism”:

The fangirling by the lady reporters betrays what straight-news political journalism is supposed to be about: Earnest, focused coverage involving questions about the important issues that matter to Americans.

Once upon a time, a journalist focusing on the fashion choices of female candidates was viewed as demeaning to their bonafides as contenders for higher office who should be taken seriously.

Not only that, but no one would have taken issue with this past weekend’s Kamala coverage anyway if Reston and company hadn’t been all “Slay, Queen, slay!” about the colorful jacket that they picked out for the presidential candidate to try on.

The really fascinating thing about all this is how the Senator pretended to be outraged over the fact that people were actually interested in such “frivolous” issues when there were More Important™ things to discuss.

Yes, she said this while on a comedy show where the “hard-hitting” questions were about … frivolous issues.

No bigs, I guess. At least now we know what kind of BBQ she likes – sort of.


It’s important to note that she didn’t say if she preferred vinegar-based, tomato-based, or mustard-based BBQ. Which was probably a good thing – for her. Her answer could have been an automatic disqualifier if she’d have said anything other than mustard-based, y’all.

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